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A collection of resources to support you during a difficult time

By Christopher Tancock - March 23, 2020  2 mins
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Dear Authors,

In times of local or global stress, carrying on researching and publishing is undoubtedly difficult. Your main priority is and must remain your own health & safety and that of your families, of course. I know that many of you will be trying to continue to work, whilst simultaneously juggling many other pressing responsibilities, including caring for children or other family members. I am also aware that – like myself and many of my colleagues – you might well be having to work from home, unable to access your library, office, lab or other physical resources.

We at Elsevier recognize the extreme stress that the current pandemic is exerting on our global author community and we want to help. To that end, in order to assist you with continuing your regular publishing activities as far as possible, we have created an “author resilience center” where we collect some of the main tools, systems and other resources that might be of use to you.

Visit the author resilience center

Some of these are doubtless tools with which you will be already familiar, but we trust this collection will add some measure of support in this difficult time. In addition to the current content, we are envisaging launching new material in the form of further articles and podcasts on themes pertinent to the current crisis. If there are any other issues or topics that you’d like us to cover, – please do let us know via the comments at the bottom of this article. Our priority is to support you as much as we possibly can so if you think something is missing, do get in touch. Similarly, should you have any tips or recommendations that you feel might help your fellow authors, please add these to the relevant article.

I hope you find the resource center useful and would like to extend to each and every one of you my very best wishes for your health and personal endeavours.

Stay safe!

Christopher Tancock

Written by

Christopher Tancock

Written by

Christopher Tancock

Christopher Tancock is Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier's Editors', Authors' and Reviewers' Updates and works on related communications projects. Based in Oxford, Chris has degrees in European studies and linguistics and  is founder of Pint of Life, a new initiative which delivers free life-saving skills into the local community.

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