6 ways to find Elsevier’s open access content

Open Access content is now much more visible and discoverable on ScienceDirect - Read our brief guide to finding Elsevier open access journals and articles

Elsevier has been busy scaling our open access publishing program and now publishes 56 open access journals and hosts a further 91 on behalf of our society and publishing partners. However, you may not know how to navigate to the latest open access journals and articles published by Elsevier. Here are some tips to help you find this content easily.

1. Find a list of open access journals

You can navigate to our list of open access journals from the ScienceDirect homepage by clicking the link for our "Open Access Journal Directory" or bookmarking https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/browse/all/open-access.

2. Find a list of all journals that have open access articles

In addition to our 56 open access journals, we also provide authors with the option to publish open access articles in over 1,600 of our established journals. Find a list of these journals on the ScienceDirect homepage by clicking "View all publications with Open Access articles."

Once you are in the publication list, you can limit your results to open access journals or journals that contain open access articles by selecting the appropriate filter checkboxes.

3. How to find a list of open access articles

The easiest way to find relevant open access articles is simply to search ScienceDirect. By keying in your search terms, you will be able to identify any relevant open access articles in your search results by looking for the label "Open Access."

4. How to search only for open access articles?

If you would prefer to see filtered results that only show open access articles, then you need to use the advanced search.

In the advanced search, you can refine your search results to only show open access articles by selecting the checkbox for Open Access Articles.

5. How do you know if the article you are reading is open access?

If you are reading an Elsevier published article online, you just need to look out for the orange label for "Open Access" located under the article's title and author information. To find out how to reuse an open access article, please look at the footnote at the end of the article for specific details on the creative commons license selected by the author.

6. How do I find open access articles in my favorite journal?

Elsevier has over 1,600 journals which support open access by publishing both open access articles and subscription articles. To see if a journal is either open access or supports open access, look underneath the journal's title.

For journals that support open access, ScienceDirect users can click on the open access article link on the left-hand sidebar to navigate to the open access articles published in the journal.

Open access and Elsevier

ScienceDirect forms a critical part of Elsevier's commitment to enhancing the visibility and discoverability of our open access content, and its contents showcase our ever growing open access publishing program.

We make substantial investments in innovative tools and services that enhance efficiency and productivity of researchers and research institutions. We look forward to hearing your feedback on how we can continue to improve this.

For more information on Elsevier's open access publishing program, please see www.elsevier.com/openaccess.

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Rachel MartinRachel Martin, @rachelcmartin, is the Universal Access Communications Manager at Elsevier based in Amsterdam. She is responsible for helping to communicate Elsevier's progress in areas such as open access, philanthropic access programs and access technologies.

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