Drug Information Whitepapers

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Achieving MAC Transparency
CMS requires all Medicare Part D plans and their pharmacy benefit managers to make their MAC pricing standards.

Chronic Disease Management
This white paper examines how health care payers are expanding and improving their well-established disease management programs

Controlling Prescription Drug Abuse
Controlling Prescription Drug Abuse examines what pharmacies need to know about controlled substance abuse.

Drug Price Types and Options for a Future Standard
Standardized price information is a vital part of the drug purchasing and reimbursement system.

How to Develop and Use Effective Patient/Consumer Education Materials
Patient education materials are no longer “extras” appended to a visit to the doctor, pharmacy, or hospital.

How to Save More on Rx Costs Without Risking Patient Satisfaction
How do payers, who want their members to have necessary medications, rein in drug costs while ensuring quality care for patients?

Impact of Drug Shortages on U.S. Hospitals
The list of medically necessary drugs has grown from 61 in 2005 to approximately 250 in 2011, and that number is still increasing.

MAC Transparency Whitepaper
Achieving MAC Transparency and Optimization comes with analyzing pricing data on a regular basis and utilizing information from all pricing resources.

Medicine Adherence and Star Ratings
Whitepaper discusses policy issues, success factors and the potential impact of biosimilars on drug prices and healthcare.

Mobile Applications and the Future of Healthcare
Mobile apps promise to alter the way that healthcare is delivered and empower patients to take responsibility for their health.

Pharmacies on the Front Line
This epidemic of legal, controlled substance abuse creates challenges for pharmacists whom are the final checkpoint before dispensing prescriptions.

Rising Generic Drug Prices
The reasons behind rising generic drug costs are multiple and complex. Understand the factors driving price increases.

Rising Generic Drug Prices: Impact of Biosimilars
Whitepaper discusses policy issues, success factors and the potential impact of biosimilars on drug prices and healthcare.

Spanish is Not Enough: The Multilingual Advantage for Pharmacies
Understand the competitive advantages pharmacies gain by offering info in multiple languages.

The Significance of TRUE Daily Updates
Health care professionals depend on timely and accurate drug information to make evidence-based decisions.