Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC): Drug pricing made transparent

Learn about a new price type, Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC) developed by Glass Box Analytics to address the pharmacy industry need for a pricing standard that more closely tracks true drug acquisition cost.

Glass Box Analytics represents a strategic joint venture between Pathria Analytics LLC and

Learning Objectives:

Criteria defined by industry leaders for a new price standard to replace AWP; How currently available price types perform against criteria; review of new predictive acquisition cost (PAC), how it works, and how it more accurately costs true acquisition cost.


Dr. Anu Pathria, Pathria Analytics brings the scientific rigor of predictive analytics to create solutions that tackle the most complex decision-management challenges. Employing advanced statistical modeling techniques to extract meaningful and actionable insights from data. Pathria Analytics is a solutions company with proven expertise in developing and delivering pioneering analytics-enabled applications to transform critical decision processes for our clients.

Todd Grover, brings the perspective of manufacturers, wholesalers and payers who need to analyze, understand and manage their pharmacy activity to achieve increased profitability and business efficiencies. works with more than 300 manufacturers, wholesalers and managed care organizations to positively impact pharmacy purchasing, dispensing, reimbursement and contracting strategy through secure online communications, analytics and proprietary business intelligence tools.

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