2019 Awards


Award categories for 2019 are Outstanding ICT Achievement and Outstanding ICT Innovation.

  • Nominations for Outstanding ICT Achievement are open for submissions in all regions
  • Nominations for Outstanding ICT Innovation are open for submission in European, Middle East and Asia Pacific

The “Outstanding ICT Achievement” category recognizes outstanding achievement in harnessing existing and new ICT to provide significant improvement to patient care and safety. Success in the category is not only related to the ICT solution itself, but the challenge faced by the institution, the community served and the long-standing problem that the target population is facing will also be taken into consideration.

The “Outstanding ICT Innovation” category recognizes the most innovative, creative and "outside-the-box" ICT solutions used to improve patient care, outcomes and safety. Innovation can be in the form of making use of existing technology to come up with new and creative use of ICT or developing a ground-breaking technology that leads the way in ICT adoption.


The global HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award is held annually across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America:

2019 Asia Pacific Award

hosted at the HIMSS AsiaPac19 Conference & Exhibition, 7-10 October, Bangkok, Thailand.


2019 Latin America Award

hosted at the HIMSS@Hospitalar, 21-24 May, in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Award winners

2020 Middle East Award

hosted at the HIMSS Saudi Arabia Conference, 5-9 April 2020, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


2019 European Award

hosted at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference, 11-13 June, Helsinki, Finland

Award winners