Drug Pricing and Analysis

Maintaining profitable margins on prescription drug sales takes vigilance and price information that you can count on to be accurate and current.

Delays in pricing updates and product information can seriously affect operational performance. Elsevier is the drug price leader with the most up to date pricing and product information; supporting drug pricing and business decisions across the supply chain.

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Emerging trends in the specialty drug industry

Specialty drugs have revolutionized medicine in the last two decades, helping improve survival and quality of life for untold numbers of patients with chronic diseases.

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Our solutions

Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC)

  • Accurately tracks true acquisition cost for:
    • drug price transparency
    • price setting
    • cost containment
    • insightful analysis


Gold Standard Drug Database

  • Access to current and accurate drug product information
  • Pricing data to make actionable decisions
  • Drive effective price analysis



Case study: ProspectoRx

Pharmaceutical marketing firm utilizes ProspectoRx, for immediate access to accurate, comprehensive drug pricing information.

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Case study: Predictive Acquisition Cost (PAC)

Eaton Apothecary needed to determine where reimbursement and procurement significantly deviate from the norm.

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