Drug Patient Education

Strengthen your relationship with patients, and foster better care for better health outcomes, by providing resources patients need to understand and engage in their own care plans.

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Drug Patient Education

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CMS Star ratings and their impact on health insurers, PBMs and retail pharmacy

Learn how stakeholders are working together to formulate strategy to achieve top ratings.

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Our solutions


Consumer medication information helps:

  • Patients understand and comply with their drug regimens
  • Identify unknown drugs
  • Check for drug interactions

Patient Engagement Solutions

  • Interactive and easy-to-use tools helping patients actively participate in their healthcare


Medication videos for patients, presented by VUCA Health, provides:

  • Medication safety
  • Patient education


The expanding role of pharmacy to cut readmissions

Hospitals are facing Medicare payment penalties for high readmission rates. Various solutions have arisen to deal with this issue, such as a team-based approach to managing patients with chronic conditions, and using data analytics to identify patients at risk.

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Controlling prescription drug abuse

Pharmacists play a critical role in controlling prescription drug abuse. Not only do they need to understand state and federal laws governing their responsibilities on handling and dispensing controlled substances, they must also take proactive steps to help prevent drug misuse and abuse.

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