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in drug information

Expect more from your drug data partner. At Elsevier, we deliver better drug information for all areas of healthcare. Better content for meaningful use and beyond. Better technology for fast and easy integration. Better information to drive better decisions, saving money – and saving lives.

Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey®

Clinical Pharmacology comes together with ClinicalKey, Elsevier’s intelligent clinical search engine that makes it easier and faster to find and apply relevant knowledge.

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Our solutions

Superior drug data for all areas of healthcare. Elsevier’s drug information solutions are built with today’s flexible technology to empower patient safety and smart business decisions. And our rigorous peer-reviewed process ensures dependable, evidence-based content. We help solve the medication challenges that clinicians and other healthcare professionals face every day.

Gold Standard Drug Database

The most current, accurate and technologically advanced drug data and drug decision support for integration into health systems and applications.

Clinical Pharmacology
powered by ClinicalKey®

A comprehensive drug reference that supports healthcare professionals in making sound medication decisions, by providing the fastest access to the most current, accurate and, clinically relevant drug information.

Drug Pricing and Analysis

Elsevier is the industry leader for the most current, accurate and reliable drug product and pricing information. Our cost reporting and formulary management tools help you make economical and sound decisions on medication alternatives, drug pricing with TRUE Daily Updates™, and more.

Drug Patient Education

Resources to empower and engage patients with the quality information they need to ensure effective medication usage.


Tufts Medical Center reduces costs of up to $70K with Clinical Pharmacology

Learn how the medical center utilized Elsevier's point of care drug information system to reduced errors and costs.

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Rising generic drug prices: Impact of biosimilars

White paper discusses policy issues, success factors and the potential impact of biosimilars on drug prices and healthcare.

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Featured insight:

Emerging trends in the specialty drug industry

Specialty drugs have revolutionized medicine in the last two decades, helping improve survival and quality of life for untold numbers of patients with chronic diseases.

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Orphan Drugs