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We invite academic and government researchers focused on Coronavirus and COVID-19 population and patient health management, and clinical trials to freely access these Elsevier solutions for your work

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Coronavirus Research Hub supports Academic & Government researchers with

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Define research approach
Access to all research topics related to COVID-19, understand the global research landscape, and develop your research strategies
Embase, SSRN, Pure, Mendeley, Mendeley Data, ScienceDirect, Pathway Studio, Scopus, Funding Institutional

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Find collaborators
Identify potential collaborators, review their work, examine their expertise; network online and showcase your research plans
Pure, Mendeley, Mendeley Data, ScienceDirect, Scopus, Funding Institutional

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Build knowledge
Find semantically related information, extract precise answers and signal the avaiability of new information
Embase, Text Mining, SSRN, Mendeley, Mendeley Data, ScienceDirect, Pathway Studio, PharmaPendium, Reaxys, Scopus

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Explore and progress
Manage reading and annotation efficiently, store and organize literature and research data, share with all collaborators
Mendeley, Mendeley Data, Text Mining, Mendeley, Mendeley Data

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Disseminate and share
Select the right journals or pre-publications, manage all references and make colaborative writing easier with shared libaries.
SSRN, Mendeley, Mendeley Data

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Surface drug-disease relationships, drug-drug interactions, treatments used in similar pathologies, and suitable animal models for testing.
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Quickly find up-to-the minute research on COVID-19 via this open-access online preprint community.
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Identify potential research collaborators in areas related to the coronavirus epidemic across basic science, translational research, or clinical practice.
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Organize your COVID-19 research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research
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Discover, collect, share and publish COVID-19 research data
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Text Mining
Find precise biomedical information from > 14 million full-text articles from multiple publishers, in addition to smarter searching and interrogation of the CORD-19 dataset.
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Gain full text access to Cell, The Lancet, Trends in Microbiology, Antiviral Research, and 70+ other relevant journals.
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Continue to build your knowledge from >30,000 novel coronavirus related full text articles and chapters.  
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Pathway Studio
In Mendeley Data investigate biological relationships between diseases (MERS and SARS), proteins and molecules, all extracted from Pathway Studio.
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Search for the molecules that modulate the target proteins, find synthetic routes, scale up the synthetic routes with GMP compliance.
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Understand Safety Toxicology and DMPK properties of drug candidates using FDA and EMA data on approved drugs. Predict drug-drug interaction risks.
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Analyze coronavirus and COVID-19 specific research output, find and assess collaborators.
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Funding Institutional
Find COVID-related research funding opportunities and receive alerts regarding new funding sources.
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