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Elsevier engages and educates patients throughout all stages of their health journey.

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Benefits of integrating Interactive Patient Education with your EHR

Our integration with EpicCare EHR*, MyChart* and MyChart Bedside* improves workflow and enhances care by providing access to interactive videos, educational handouts and medication management tools.

  • Reduce readmission by extending patient education beyond the hospital or clinic
  • Improve patient understanding, participation and outcomes with consistent, easy-to-understand information that spans the continuum of care
  • Satisfy current and evolving patient learning needs with multimedia, multimodal education tools and resources
  • Enhance system usage and optimization through integration of trusted, easily accessible evidence-based content

A strong customer base

Over 500 hospitals have integrated Elsevier Interactive Patient Education solutions with their Epic EHR.

Improve workflow and clinical outcomes with Elsevier Interactive Patient Education


Access patient education and discharge instructions via:

  • Clinical references
  • Patient education activity
  • Discharge workflow


  • Access patient education and discharge instructions via Patient Assignment and/or After Visit Summary
  • Links to patient education automatically created based on the patient’s age, gender, diagnosis, medications and lab tests
  • Patients can search for health education topics of interest

MyChart Bedside

  • Access patient education and discharge instructions via the interactive MyChart Bedside app on any mobile device
  • Links to patient education automatically created based on the patient’s age, gender, diagnosis, medications and lab tests
  • Patient education can be assigned by a clinician or automatically assigned with integration of Elsevier Care Planning

Seamless integration between Interactive Patient Education and Elsevier Care Planning

Text and video education can be mapped to evidence-based care plans, eliminating manual assignment of patient education. Instead, relevant education is automatically assigned to the patient’s chart when a care planning guideline is selected, saving you time and simplifying workflow.

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Empower your patients with information you trust

Patient Education Text

  • Titles for over 3,900 conditions/diseases and 700 health topics
  • Drug information sheets for all FDA-approved and many over the counter drugs
  • Content library is available in 17 languages

Patient Education Video

  • Includes 1,000 videos covering topics in various health categories
  • Additional 500 VUCA Health medication videos available
  • Features 3D graphics, onscreen text and closed captioning in both English and Spanish

Health Library

  • Patient-friendly overviews of symptoms, diagnosis and treatments help make complicated diseases understandable
  • Responsive, user-friendly design enables easy navigation and optimal viewing

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