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Integrate ClinicalKey with Epic to equip providers with fast access to evidence-based medical and surgical answers at the point of care.

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Together with Epic, ClinicalKey delivers the power to improve and standardize patient care, by helping your providers make more informed clinical decisions and save time.

ClinicalKey supports clinical decisions by making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge. ClinicalKey’s content collection is indexed daily and continues to be updated as new resources are published, ensuring that every decision your clinical staff makes is based on the most current evidence.

Better Care Outcomes
Integration with ClinicalKey helps clinicians make faster, more accurate diagnoses, improving the quality, efficiency and safety of the care your organization delivers.

Workflow Integration
ClinicalKey works with clinicians, helping them find answers and act quickly. With Smart Search and integration methods that eliminate unnecessary clicks, ClinicalKey boosts efficiency and accuracy.

Cost-efficient Care
ClinicalKey integration keeps clinicians informed, engaged and on schedule, reducing errors for cost savings and decreased readmissions.

Save Time and Clicks

ClinicalKey and Epic integration is available via many convenient and effective workflow locations in Epic, giving you the ability to choose how your organization accesses the world’s best clinical answers:

  • HL7 Infobutton Search*:  Run a patient-specific, one-click search from within Epic’s Infobutton search feature (called Active Guidelines, in Epic 2015 and newer, and Clinical Knowledge Base [or ClinKB] in Epic 2014 and earlier) using  context-sensitive Infobutton search. Click on a symptom, drug, diagnosis, laboratory test, and more Infobutton-enabled patient chart entries to launch the search. ClinicalKey will anonymously pull patient-specific information to deliver more personalized results.
  • Home Page Link*:  Launches ClinicalKey’s homepage – featuring intelligent auto-suggest enabled search - directly from the Epic toolbar with one click. Start searching immediately.
  • Integrated Search Box Tool*:  Search directly from a ClinicalKey search box within an Epic dashboard. The ClinicalKey team can work with you to add this component’s code during implementation.
  • Elsevier Infobutton Manager:  Infobutton search launches a website displaying results across an institution’s subscribed Elsevier products.

*These ClinicalKey integration methods support CME tracking, which remembers CME-eligible activity for unique users so they can claim that accrued potential CME upon ClinicalKey Registration or Login.

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