Epic and Elsevier can help your care team engage, educate and empower patients

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Seamless integration, trusted content

Since 2004, Elsevier has worked with Epic to deliver the highest quality content and solutions, ensuring you not only have the content necessary to support critical thinking and decision-making, but also seamless integration to optimize your IT investment. Elsevier can help you maintain consistent top performance, reduce variability in care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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Our solutions

Care Planning

Combines the patient story, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and standardized assessments into one patient-centered plan of care.


Delivers the power to improve and standardize patient care, by helping your providers make more informed clinical decisions and save time.

Clinical Skills

Combines over 1,400 skills and procedures to create a powerful resource for nurses, therapists and other clinicians.

Patient Education

Elsevier engages and educates patients providing access to interactive videos, educational handouts and medication management tools.

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