Tom Perry

Director Software Engineering

Recognizing the need to adapt to ever changing customer needs and to bring in the right people to really make a difference
Tom Perry

I have worked within the technology industry for over 20 years and joined Elsevier in February 2015 as Director for Data & Integration.  It is clear that Elsevier recognises that  it needs to be at the forefront of technology to adapt its business to its ever changing customer needs and the organisation is growing and bringing in the right people to really make a difference.  The people within Elsevier are able to work and interact as a close team to deliver high quality solutions and are all passionate about making a difference.

Within my role I overlook the Data & Integration team to ensure we can deliver high quality data to meet business needs as well as providing the ability of the different Elsevier products and systems to access and maintain the data they need throughout other areas of the business.  We have built up a strong team that has a real focus on delivering efficient solutions that are kept simple as well as constantly improving the day to day working practices for repetitive tasks.

Within the Data & Integration team we have worked towards efficiencies in our ways of working as well as automation of all repeatable tasks.  This results in greater productivity within the team, higher quality deliverables and repeatability in the processes as well as allowing the team to concentrate on more interesting items that will deliver business value faster.

Full automation has been put in place for provisioning of environments for one touch creation of Amazon environments, automation of all builds, tests and deployments with issues notified to the team as early as possble to resolve and reporting against quality metrics.  A number of frameworks have been put in place to provide these capabilities and provide the metrics out to drive continuous improvement for the future.

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