Robbertjan Kalff

VP Product for Online Communities

Working in a team of Engineers, Data Scientists and UX Designers, this was big task to crack.
Robbertjan Kalff

I’ve been with Elsevier for over 16 years and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few major initiatives in my time here. Working on Mendeley Suggest is a project that really stands out to me. We worked hard to create a single tool that allows researchers to keep up to date in their field and provide them with personalised recommendations and a constant stream of new ideas.

With a team of Engineers, Data Scientists and UX Designers, this was a big task to crack. Using a recommender system to integrate 6 large data sets from 3 different platforms, we project tested over 50 different algorithms, carried out over 500 experiments, and used combined data sources, AI and machine learning. The output was a system based on collaborative filtering and peer behaviour.

Our work has helped hundreds of thousands of researchers to keep track of what’s in their domain and spark interest and debate within their communities. Ultimately we are helping researchers to get better outcomes faster.

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