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You can shape the future of knowledge. Our people do this through state of the art architecture and language processing capabilities, creating smart content -  taxonomies, semantic representation, text and data mining, and architectures - that supports of current products, and the products of the future. Build a technology career at Elsevier and make a difference.

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We lead the way in advancing science technology and health by building content capabilities and processes to support next generation products.

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Vaishnavi Kandala photograph
I use different Machine Learning and NLP techniques to help make our products more valuable to the people who depend on them.. — Vaishnavi Kandala, NLP Specialist
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Sujit Pal photograph
The challenge with automating healthcare technology is that the stakes are very high, since lives are on the line.. — Sujit Pal, Technology Research Director
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Helena Deus photograph
If machine learning could improve the quality of science, this would have huge implications on the price and speed of drug manufacturing.. — Helena Deus, Senior Technology Researcher
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Deep Kayal photograph
The data that we have at Elsevier is a goldmine of information for a lot of interesting and intelligent things.. — Deep Kayal, Machine Learning Engineer
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Georgios Tsatsaronis photograph
What I like about working on machine learning here at Elsevier is that we can combine theory with practice.. — Georgios Tsatsaronis, Principal NLP Specialist
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