Lefteris Tatakis

Software Engineer

The open culture encourages us to learn from our mistakes and have the correct processes in place to improve.
Lefteris Tatakis

One of the many things that make Elsevier a great place to work is the people and the culture that exists within the teams. I joined the e-commerce team of Elsevier on February 2017 as a Software Engineer. Since then, I’ve been expanding my skills and learning continuously through interesting projects, training and collaborations.

Our focus in ecommerce, is solving problems and delivering the best experience to our customers. For each project, we have the responsibility to deliver our solutions, test them, ensure they are what the business requires and deploy them to production.
The open culture of Elsevier encourages us to learn from our mistakes and have the correct processes in place to improve.

We are able to do this, by using reliable codified infrastructure in AWS and Terraform, end-to-end tests of our software and metrics that help us to constantly improve.

For my most recent project, I delivered the new Point of Sale solution for the Elsevier Exhibition and Events team At medical conferences, researchers, doctors and professionals can visit Elsevier’s stand to buy our publications at discounted prices. My project was to allow the sales team to take orders and payments through an iPad and allow credit card payments. What differentiates Elsevier from all other employers is the ability to take control of your work times, technical solutions and career. I was responsible for taking all the components and processes already in place at Elsevier and improve them in a way to make this new solution possible. The challenge made for an exciting development opportunity, as we collaborated and  learnt from our third-party providers including their teams in Uruguay.

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