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All of the world’s great discoveries are sparked by something. A piece of fresh inspiration. A new-found collaboration. A shared thought. Imagine being part of the company that links this process of discovery together.

This company is Elsevier. We are evolving into a digital business, exploring how technology can inspire discovery through new platforms, applications and innovation in science, healthcare and research.

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We’re building meaningful products in a reactive AWS microservice architecture environment using the likes of Java 8, Scala, Javascript, React, and Dropwizard whilst using tools and technologies spanning Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Knowledge Graphs, Big Data, Machine Learning, NLP and Databases.

Machine Learning Scientist

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Why join us?

The best technologists are joining Elsevier because we offer a unique environment in Amsterdam. Collaborative, thought-provoking, genuinely disruptive. You will thrive in a culture where learning is encouraged, intelligent minds inspire each other and pioneering thinking is a part of everyday work.

spark discoveries

Spark discoveries

Join the business that is shaping how we access, share and manage the world’s most critical knowledge.

ignite ideas

Ignite ideas

Build the technology that will liberate research, drive collaboration and ignite ideas in science, technology and health.

illuminate thinking

Illuminate thinking

Work with the most inspiring minds in the sector, learning and challenging each other to propel innovation forwards.

Elsevier in Amsterdam

At our emerging tech hub in Amsterdam, technology is our playground. We work in small, agile teams to deliver exceptional products and applications across different specialisms, spanning Life Sciences, Showcasing, Funding and Research Data Management, .

These are areas where you can really make a difference. In Life Sciences, we’re building a high-quality, integrated, AI-ready data platform to power better decisions in pharma. Each and every day, we have the opportunity to support life-saving discoveries. In our Showcasing team, we’re finding new ways to help researchers supercharge collaboration, elevate their profiles, identify trends early and advance their careers. Our Funding platform makes granting opportunities accessible while our Research Data Management team develop products that release the incredible potential of dormant data derived from academic research.


What kinds of people join Elsevier? People who are curious about the world around them. Together, we share an appetite for discovering knowledge, sharing ideas and growing professionally.


At Elsevier, we give people the freedom and autonomy to achieve more in their roles and to move beyond them. We love initiative, we like people who want opportunities to create new career paths for themselves.


The tech hub is a scale-up operation with all the resources of a global business. Talented people will enjoy exciting opportunities to grow with us here – expand your skills, elevate your aspirations, push your career to new heights.

Our products and projects

The projects that we work on are very diverse and range across different technology disciplines. Machine Learning, NLP, Data Mining, UX, Software Engineering, to name just a few. Here is just a small selection of the work our technology teams are currently doing.

The evolution of recognition

Peer Review is vital to the academic publishing process but it depends on reviewers volunteering. We have developed a platform that allows reviewers to build their profile, be incentivised and connect with editors – making the process more rewarding for everyone involved.

Life sciences

The R&D Solutions Tech teams are building platforms that make data driven drug discovery & development decisions and also a product that streamline literature monitoring for pharmacovigilance


Scopus is the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. It gives innovators a global view of research in their field, with easy-to-navigate interfaces.

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