Alexander Craig

Director Software Engineer

We have the freedom to experiment, authority to ask questions, empowerment to learn, and an unshakable belief in the purpose of what we do.

What do you do at Elsevier and who, ultimately, benefits from your work?

My job is to ensure our customers have the best experience of Elsevier they can, whether using our products to help them in their daily work, buying from us or contacting us for help. As a Vice President for Technology, I do this by ensuring we have the best people on our teams and ensuring that they are all pulling in the same direction to solve the problems that matter for our users and that they have everything they need to excel.

What do you enjoy about your work?

In the four years I’ve been here I have been fortunate enough to work with passionate and talented colleagues around the world. I’ve worked across product development, data, content and business technology. I’ve had the chance to learn every day and the satisfaction of seeing my teams and others around them grow. Most of all I’ve had the privilege of being part of an organisation that believes in what it does and does things that matter; and one that is constantly challenging itself to be the best it can.

Sometimes the work is hard, sometimes the decisions are difficult, sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  Always we look at what we have learnt, take away the positives and try again.  It is this culture of freedom to experiment, authority to ask questions, empowerment to learn from mistakes, and unshakable belief in the purpose of what we do that I value most about Elsevier.

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