Ximena Alvira

Sales Consultant & ADM

Ultimately, what drives me is knowing I have a positive impact on the wellbeing and safety of patients, and the efficiency of health institutions.

What do you do at Elsevier and who, ultimately, benefits from your work?

I’m Clinical Consultant for Elsevier Health Solutions, for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. That means drawing on my background as medical doctor and doctor in neuroscience, and my experience in clinical practice, research, and medical writing, to bridge the gap between knowledge, practice, and people. Therefore, any team or individual who can use this knowledge can benefit from my work. Ultimately, what drives me is knowing I have a positive impact on the wellbeing and safety of patients, and the efficiency and efficacy of health institutions. We have a huge impact on the lives of health professionals and patients. That’s a daily motivator, because those are services that affect us all.

How long have you been with Elsevier?

I joined Elsevier in 2012 as a Knowledge Representation Expert, where, together with the Spanish team I launched ClinicalKey for the Spanish-speaking markets. I was responsible for the overall quality process of the Spanish edition. Then, in 2014 I switched positions to Account Development Manager for Europe South. After a couple of years, and due to my medical and scientific background, I started supporting a broader array of sales, marketing and product teams across the regions, morphing into what I am now, a Clinical Consultant.

What do you enjoy about your work in Healthcare and why?

I think it relates back to the point about who benefits. The possibility of making a difference for so many people at the same time is exciting. When I was a practicing physician in the Emergency Room at a big public hospital in my home country Colombia, I would see between 20-30 patients per day. That is not a very high turnover rate considering a huge population such as Bogota’s. Now, working with solutions that are based on the best evidence available, curated by expert teams, localized to many languages, and tailored for many needs, I can impact health practitioners and institutions, who in turn will impact thousands, millions of patients. More than I ever would have during my professional life.

Give three reasons as why you would recommend working at Elsevier to your friends

It’s given me the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to impact patients and professionals. It’s also allowed me to grow and develop professionally in areas I hadn’t imagined I could be good at. Finally, it’s given me the opportunity to meet people that are truly inspiring and worth emulating, and others who have become my lifelong friends.

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