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The unique collection of essential chemistry content

Searching multiple databases to find the answers to chemistry questions slows down the research process. What’s more, differences in how search results are returned necessitate more time and effort to be spent on standardization and normalization.

Reaxys uniquely offers content from multiple essential sources through a single user interface. A scientist can search for a substance and directly find information about its physicochemical and bioactive properties, reactions, synthesis and commercial availability as well as retrieving relevant literature, patents and conference abstracts.

Every search accesses:

  • ~450 core chemistry journals and textbooks: Reaxys’ core literature is a carefully curated collection of essential titles in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry as well as material science, petro-chemistry, pharmacology, and medicinal and computational chemistry.
  • 16,000 chemistry-related periodicals, including conference abstracts: To ensure comprehensive literature searches, Reaxys includes a broad range of content that is relevant for chemists, including minor publications in core fields and major publications in related fields.
  • Patents from all the major world offices, including the US and Asia: Reaxys deeply indexes patents on a global scale, going beyond the WO, US and EP content to include Asian language patents from the China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea offices.
  • Substance databases from leading chemicals and cheminformatics companies: Reaxys offers access to databases with experimental and availability information from sources including SigmaAldrich, Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. and WuXi AppTec’s LabNetwork.
  • Publicly available substance and literature databases: Results include reliable links to the eMolecules and PubChem databases.

A biological perspective on chemistry

For researchers who need to investigate the bioactive properties of substances, including toxicity and drug-likeness, it’s possible to combine Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry with Reaxys in a single research solution. Together, they stand as a powerful tool to inform decisions in early drug discovery.

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry gives scientists access to the world’s largest and best-organized database for medicinal chemistry, with normalized and comparable data on structure–activity relationships, toxicity, safety, efficacy and more.
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A biological perspective on chemistry - Reference Content Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Make better-informed decisions

With streamlined access to essential publications and databases, it’s easier to be confident that you’ve found all the information to make the best decision about your chemical or pharmaceutical research. By ensuring that the content is deeply indexed for maximum discoverability, Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry ensure that ease of access.
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What our customers say

Delivering relevant data to improve patent analyst workflows

Delivering relevant data to improve patent analyst
  workflow - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

According to Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head of IP & Scientific Database Operations at Hikal Ltd., many researchers don't realize that Reaxys is an excellent resource for patent analysts. He praises Reaxys for delivering compiled information quickly, saving his team from having to read full patents non-productively.
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Speeding up research to win more contracts in chemical R&D

Case study: Dr. Rabih-Gabriel Jaouhari - Reaxys Customer Story | Elsevier Solutions

Answering client questions at the start of a new project requires information—and when those questions concern whether you can produce a chemical and at what cost, getting to the right answers quickly is the difference between winning and losing a contract. PR euroCHEM relies on Reaxys for rapid and reliable answers.
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