Reaxys puts advanced search power in every chemist’s hands

To ensure that every scientist can get the most out of Reaxys, it’s designed to be intuitive. Every researcher can quickly become an expert with Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry.

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Intuitive and powerful chemistry searches

Whatever the users’ experience level — undergraduate student or expert research chemist — they will be able to use Quick Search and Query Builder to retrieve accurate answers and delve deep into the literature. Reaxys is designed in consultation with chemists, offering the types of query form and result display that they cite as most relevant.

Reaxys facilitates research with:

What our customers say

Users who’ve tried Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry are full of praise for the user experience.

"I’m impressed with the linking from Reaxys to sources, especially to patent content, because navigating the different patent systems can be very time-consuming. It simplifies the overall search for answers." Dr. Carsten Schauerte, Managing Director of solid-chem GmbH, trialed New Reaxys for 2 weeks after a 15-minute demonstration.
"Reaxys makes it easy to search effectively: it’s easy to use Quick Search and even first-time users can build optimized, advanced searches." University of Bath post-graduate Jonathan Hall
"Thanks to the direct possibility to query reactions and substances and then continue searching at that level, [we’re] impressed with the literature search possibilities in Reaxys." Dr. Jozica Dolenc of ETH Zurich

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