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Reaxys improves R&D productivity by offering fast and powerful search options designed for chemists in every field of research.

Faster, more intuitive and more flexible than competing research solutions, Reaxys empowers researchers by making answers readily available from a unique collection of chemistry content.

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What makes Reaxys unique?

With Reaxys, professionals in chemical and pharmaceutical R&D and chemistry education have the best solution to answer questions quickly, accurately, and confidently.

With its unique set of features and capabilities, Reaxys enables:

  • Answers in less time: Reaxys addresses the need to get to market first by delivering accurate answers to chemistry questions faster than any other database.
  • Power for all users: Novice and experienced users alike can leverage Reaxys' intuitive search construction and results filtering to reach answers sooner.
  • High-quality content: Reaxys uniquely delivers excerpted and full-text content from peer-reviewed literature, essential chemical and pharmacological patents, and third-party substance databases.
  • Flexible query options: Reaxys offers intuitive search forms designed in consultation with chemists. They put the user in charge of the query parameters, enabling precise data and literature retrieval.
  • Easy integration of content: To make researchers' jobs easier and their time more effective, we support the combination of in-house and external data in a single, streamlined research workflow.

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