Revealing the chemistry of therapeutically important nucleosides

How Reaxys helps to quickly identify the drug-like qualities and feasible synthesis routes for carbocyclic nucleosides

Hong-Rae Kim is a research chemist in the lab of Professor Jeong at Seoul National University. His work is focused on the chemistry of carbocyclic nucleosides, which have great potential as therapeutics. Finding the optimal synthesis method for these important compounds can be very challenging, but Reaxys is up to the task.

Revealing the chemistry of therapeutically important nucleosides


In his work in nucleoside chemistry, Mr. Kim has found that synthesis itself is the greatest challenge. Nucleoside synthesis strategies often require many steps that are not always affordable. Hazardous byproducts are also a concern, especially in larger-scale production. As a result, developing or optimizing a synthesis method means spending a lot of time researching reactions. Finding all the possible reactions that might produce the desired outcome can also be time-consuming. Once one is found that seems economically feasible, it must be investigated, tested and proven. If it fails, Mr. Kim has to return to the literature.


To find the reaction information he needs, Mr. Kim uses Reaxys. He finds that the format of the new user interface makes it easier to look up reactions on Reaxys than on other information solutions. What’s more, where other solutions are more focused on publications, Reaxys focuses on excerpted data. This allows Mr. Kim to directly open the experimental sections and see properties, reaction types and details, which he considers a huge advantage.

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is also valuable in Mr. Kim’s research. At a glance, he can see what a nucleoside binds to. The Heatmap shows which substance binds to which enzymes, and the information is even quantified with pX values, making comparison easy. He has also found it useful to see the publication numbers for a given substance and target in Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry. That exposes the trends in research focus, e.g., who’s working on what target inhibition? Which targets are in decreasing or increasing focus? That can reveal, for example, that there might be a side effect of great concern.

Hong-Rae Kim - Reaxys

Reaxys is perfect for me at the moment, especially with the new user interface. The format makes it easier to look up reactions.

Hong-Rae Kim, research chemist at Seoul National University


Mr. Kim feels strongly that Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry have saved him a great deal of time by delivering answers quickly. According to him, the user interface is an excellent design, the reaction classifications are exactly what he needs, and the synthesis information is detailed but well displayed. In short, he says, I find Reaxys wonderful .

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