Improving chemistry literacy to support laboratory work

Integrating Reaxys into undergraduate chemistry education

Professor Forest Robertson believes that young chemists should be taught to use research solutions like Reaxys early in their careers. He says it doesn't just improve their chemistry literacy: it also shows them smarter wasy to do research. In an interview with Elsevier, he explained specific exercises that he uses to teach students to get the most out of Reaxys.

Interview with Prof. Forest Robertson, WSCU


Chemistry graduate work requires knowledge of research solution. Students who get an early introduction to such tools are in a better position to succeed. Professor Forest Robertson of Western Connecticut State University integrates Reaxys into his courses to ensure that students are familiar with this chemistry research solution. He wants to be sure that each student can use Reaxys independently to support their laboratory work and boost their chemistry literacy.


Professor Robertson introduces Reaxys in the first semester of organic chemistry, making sure that students use it regularly to look up chemical properties. In their second semester, the students get an unknown compound to identify. They have to cross-check their experimental data with Reaxys data to establish what they have. Finally, they have to discover how to successfully synthesize a derivative from their unknown compound. They use Reaxys to find the safest and smartest synthetic methods.

Interview with Prof. Forest Robertson - Reaxys

Reaxys bolsters the chemical literacy of our students. Including it in the undergraduate program is the smart thing to do.

Prof. Forest Robertson, Assistant Professor at WCSU


Professor Robertson says that it's easy to get students to work with Reaxys thanks to the very intuitive user interface. He has had no complaints from them. Having used all the available products, he's convinced that Reaxys is always the right first choice for research: whenever he queries the Reaxys database, he finds what he needs. He is convinced that undergraduates who are educated on research solutions like Reaxys get a head start in their careers.

Reaxys is integrated into my courses—it’s not just a resource for me.

Prof. Forest Robertson, Assistant Professor at WCSU

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