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Leading universities around the world are choosing Reaxys to prepare the next generation of chemists

Chemical information literacy is essential for the next generation of researchers. Without it, students are less able to conduct a successful literature search, critically analyze a topic, design an experimental plan, understand synthesis options, and evaluate their results in a real-world context.

Reaxys accesses a comprehensive online chemical sciences database to quickly retrieve relevant chemistry literature, valid substance and reaction properties, and experimental procedures, from all disciplines of chemistry — not just organic chemistry.

With interactive tools and user-friendly training decks, Reaxys helps institutions streamline research and gives students the information literacy skills they need.

  • Help students be career-ready by enabling them to master tools routinely used in industry
  • Join grant application writing workshops for excellent guidance on this important topic
  • Host our engaging on-campus events to showcase the latest in cheminformatics

As an educator, what I like the most about Reaxys is that it is not a black box that simply gives an answer, but allows students to discover how their query was interpreted and refine it. As such it becomes a fantastic and effective tool for teaching critical thinking and developing in students the metacognitive skills in the interpretation of results that are so fundamental to 21st century information literacy.

— Professor Robert Belford, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Reaxys is so much more comprehensive than the alternatives – that’s why I wanted my students using it.

— Professor Forest Robertson, Western Connecticut State University

All of my students need to be able to use tools like Reaxys. It is essential for researchers to be proficient with informatics tools. They are too important to neglect during education.

— Professor Kenji Hirose, Osaka University

Key Reaxys features for academic librarians

Reaxys helps your students to:

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Connect the chemistry dots across disciplines

Literature from various chemical sciences is indexed from various perspectives, including chemistry, engineering, medicine and geology. This ensures your students get a chemistry-related overview of a diverse publication landscape.

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Get the facts and figures you need

A targeted question deserves a targeted answer, not a list of references. With Reaxys, students will more easily find excerpted property values, experimental procedures, reaction details and other facts.

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Access all data formats in a single source

Eliminate concern about data in proprietary formats. Reaxys brings everything into a universal and unified chemistry data model, which ensures that any type of chemistry data are usable and that students can remain productive.

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