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Reaxys serves as the shortest path to chemistry literature and data for academic researchers, educators and students. Used in undergraduate and post-graduate programs worldwide, Reaxys helps to prepare students for their careers.

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Always Raising the Bar

The team of chemists and technologists at Reaxys make it their goal to help researchers find the shortest path to chemistry answers. The latest release of Reaxys is even easier for users to find, assess, export and share the chemistry answers they discover. Watch the video.

Master named reactions the easy way

Download the free ReactionFlash app to access an incredible resource for studying named reactions and their mechanisms. With over 600 named reactions, this popular app is the best way to master this important information

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Breaking barriers to chemistry information

Barriers to information complicate both research and education. They make it harder for scientists to discover what is new in their field, develop new experiments and build on the great research of the past. They also discourage students by making it tougher to delve into the science they are interested in.

Reaxys is designed to break those barriers. With a highly intuitive interface that interprets queries and quickly retrieves relevant chemistry literature, patent information, valid substance properties and experimental procedures, Reaxys helps institutions streamline research and give faculty and students the freedom to discover.

Use Reaxys in the classroom

Use Reaxys in the classroom - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Want to incorporate Reaxys into teaching? Download these example workflows designed to take students step-by-step through methods for effective and efficient search and analysis.

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Prepare the next generation of chemists

Prepare the next generation of chemists - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Get ideas on how to nurture chemistry information literacy and research skills in today’s digital natives, to prepare them to contribute to the crucial chemical discoveries of tomorrow.

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See how your peers use Reaxys

See how your peers use Reaxys - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

In these interviews, researchers and educators at universities discuss how Reaxys has helped them to educate the next generation of chemists.

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Industry Insights

More Efficient Chemistry - Education & Research, Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

More Efficient Chemistry

Reaction engineering has the potential to address inefficiencies and sustainability issues in chemistry. Expert Professor Alexei Lapkin explains more in this new interview.

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What our customers say

Providing a streamlined workflow for teaching and research needs

Professor Fabrizio Fabris of the University of Venice works in a highly specialized field of organic chemistry. He is also a lecturer with undergraduate and postgraduate students. In this interview, he discusses his satisfaction with Reaxys as a chemistry research solution that meets his needs in both the classroom and the lab.
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Providing a streamlined workflow for teaching
and research needs - Reaxys |Elsevier Soluions

Developing literature search and management skills with research solutions

Dr. Maikel Wijtmans specializes in synthetic medicinal chemistry at the VU University Amsterdam. He uses Reaxys in his courses because he wants students to appreciate the breadth of synthetic literature, understand the importance of good literature search and management, and develop skills with the research solutions they will need in their careers. He explains how he introduces Reaxys to students in this interview.
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Developing literature search and management
skills with research solutions - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

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