The shortest path to chemistry data for successful drug discovery and development

Validating lead candidates to increase preclinical and clinical trial success requires fast access to relevant chemical reactions and bioactivity data. Success requires tools that help you realize the potential of data-driven drug discovery and development.

How Reaxys helps
Reaxys helps pharmaceutical companies drive successful early drug discovery by helping chemists retrieve relevant literature, precise compound properties and chemical reaction data twice as fast as any other solution.

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With powerful search options, expertly curated databases and tools to support in silico profiling, Reaxys helps chemists:

  • Discover chemical structures, properties and reactions
  • Find relevant chemistry literature and patents with ease
  • Construct queries with streamlined, intuitive interfaces

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  • Assess compound synthesis and purchase options
  • Share data within and outside an organization or institution
  • Compare in-house and published experimental data

Featured customer story

Designing therapeutics that treat disease by restoring normal circadian clock function

Reset Therapeutics is a discovery-stage biopharma company developing first-in-class approaches to treating diseases by restoring the body’s natural 24-hour, or circadian, rhythms. As a participant of Elsevier's Hive project, they use Reaxys to drive their work forward. Watch the video to learn how.

Reaxys Customer Story | Elsevier

Featured customer story

Hager Biosciences needed reliable access to accurate medicinal chemistry and synthesis data. Reaxys was perfect for their needs.

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How Reaxys works

Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database to help chemists retrieve chemistry literature and datain half the time.

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Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Empower hit identification and lead optimization with normalized compound–target affinity data and comprehensive PK, efficacy, toxicity, safety and metabolic profiles.
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Reaxys' latest product release

Driven by a rigorous testing with chemists, content and technology experts, the new Reaxys provides even more rapid access to relevant literature and chemical data.

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Example applications of Reaxys

Understanding Ligand-Receptor Interactions application note, Reaxys

Understanding ligand-receptor interactions

In silico studies at the interface of biology and chemistry can help medicinal chemists and pharmacologists identify innovative leads, optimize selectivity issues and select appropriate test conditions. Using the example of serotonin receptors, this application note looks at how in vitro data from Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry facilitate such studies on the interface of biology and chemistry.

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Ensuring the Safety of New Antipsychotics application note, Reaxys

Ensuring the safety of new antipsychotics

Antipsychotics have complex pharmacological profiles and adverse events are common with long-term use. New or optimized drugs with better safety profiles are desirable. Learn how the pX values in Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry simplify comparisons between diverse antipsychotics with a view to better avoidance of harmful drug−drug interactions.

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ReExamining      the Potential of Barbiturates application note, Reaxys

Re-examining the potential of barbiturates

Derivatives of barbituric acid have diminished in popularity as drugs over the years. Are there really no new indications for these compounds? This paper examines how the pX values in Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry reveal more about the structure–activity relationships of compounds with this classical medicinal chemistry scaffold.

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The Versatility of 1,4 Benzodiazepines application note, Reaxys

The versatility of 1,4-benzodiazepines

Using in silico profiling techniques helps to understand the structure–target interactions of compounds. This paper examines how the pX values in Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry reveal multiple target families for a whole range of drugs with the classical 1,4-benzodiazepine scaffold.

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Identifying a Polypharmacological Profile for Phenothiazines application note, Reaxys

Identifying a polypharmacological profile for phenothiazines

Considerable information for drug repurposing decisions can be gleaned from in-depth comparative assessments of the compound–target affinity profiles of chemical substances. This paper examines how the pX values in Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry help to generate the polypharmacological profile for the phenothiazines.

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In Silico Investigation of Off-Target      Effects application note, Reaxys

In silico investigation of off-target effects

Early identification of a compound’s potential off-target effects is not just desirable—it is essential for proper strategic planning. Access to comprehensive data and sophisticated informatics tools, such as Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry, enable in silico discovery of such effects, greatly streamlining this important task.

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QSAR Modeling of ErbB1 Inhibitors Using Genetic Algorithm-Based      Regression application note, Reaxys

QSAR modeling of ErbB1 inhibitors using genetic algorithm-based regression

QSAR modeling is a powerful tool in the assessment of new chemical entities. This paper illustrates the use of the Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry knowledgebase to build efficient QSAR models using ErbB1 kinase as an example.

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Studying the Activity of the Thioureas application note, Reaxys

Studying the activity of the thioureas

What is the best way to determine the full panel of activities of drugs? Learn how the Heatmap and pX values in Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry enable in silico studies using the example of multi-target thiourea-based compounds.

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Virtual Screening to Identify Calcium Channel Blockers application note, Reaxys

Virtual screening to identify calcium channel blockers

The first marketed selective T-type calcium channel blocker mibefradil was withdrawn due to adverse drug interactions, prompting the search for new scaffolds. This paper describes a workflow using Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry to assess chemical and biological information and the Reaxys Flat File as a source of chemical diversity for ligand-based virtual screening.

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Enabling Data-Driven      Decisions for Drug Development application note, Reaxys

Enabling data-driven decisions for drug development

The goal of Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is to facilitate the development of smarter leads—leads with optimal affinity, selectivity and ADMET properties; leads that will not fail in preclinical and clinical phases for reasons that could have been predicted.

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By boosting anti-cancer response using a patient’s own immune system, immunotherapeutics are showing incredible promise in offering more effective treatments with fewer side effects for cancer patients.

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Inside the real world of innovative Drug Discovery & Development

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Chemists at Reset Therapeutics, an innovative Bay-area start-up in The Hive say that Reaxys is a necessary tool for their work, enabling the rapid development of compounds.
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Holistically addressing drug development
bottlenecks and attrition rates

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High-quality data and in silico tools have considerable potential to reduce bottlenecks and attrition rates across the drug development process, if applied innovatively.

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