Reaxys: The Shortest Path to Chemistry Data for Every Stage of Chemical Research and Development

With efficient access to relevant answers to chemistry questions, chemical companies can better drive development, predict success and prevent latestage failure on the path to commercialization.

Reaxys’ powerful search options enable rapid access
to expertly curated chemical data, supporting every
stage of chemical research and development.
Only Reaxys directly retrieves actionable
inorganic, organometallic and organic
compound data, information about
chemical reactions and synthesis
routes, and more.

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Reaxys Customer Story

When a major adhesive company wanted to develop a new anticorrosive coating product for the oil and gas industry, the lead chemist on the project turned to Reaxys. The company was able to lower total costs by a factor of 20.

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How Reaxys Works

Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database to help chemists retrieve chemistry literature and datain half the time.

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What's New

Driven by a rigorous testing with chemists, content and technology experts, the new Reaxys provides even more rapid access to relevant literature and chemical data.

The new Reaxys

Are you an Alpha Innovator of the Year?

Alpha Moments in the Chemical Industry –
Breaking Into A New Area of Chemistry

Discover how Reaxys and ScienceDirect helped a team of chemists at a startup limit the chemical reactivity of sodium metal, and reserve funding for business development in the process.

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Industry Insights for Chemical R&D Professionals

EHS Integration Drives Success

Implementing environmental health and safety (EHS) risk assessments and processes into early R&D and new product development phases can offer chemicals companies a competitive edge.

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EHS Integration Drives Success

 Addressing EHS Risk

Addressing EHS Risk

With costly regulatory challenges mounting, chemical companies must start mitigating environmental health and safety risks in the early stages of new product development.

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