Guiding R&D chemists on the shortest path from idea to successful product

In the intensely competitive chemicals industry, high-quality data on substance properties and reactions is not enough. The pressures of shifting regulations, market needs and customer expectations are constant hurdles. Projects must not only perform in the lab but also prove their worth in ROI and financial risk analyses.

Reaxys: Guiding R&D chemists on the shortest path from idea to successful product | Elsevier Solutions

How Reaxys helps

By quickly delivering a cross-disciplinary view of actionable, real-world data on substance properties, reactions and synthesis, Reaxys helps chemists assess every stage of their work and get from concept to market successfully with minimum financial risk. From project evaluation through experimental procedure design to scale-up, Reaxys accompanies researchers with relevant information that directs them toward optimal choices, guaranteeing the best chance of success.

With powerful search options, expertly curated databases and supportive tools, Reaxys ensures chemists can achieve more with:

  • Information from a wide range of sources indexed using terms from 6 major taxonomies, providing a uniquely cross-disciplinary perspective
  • A highly intuitive interface for quick query building that’s proven to cut search times by up to 50% so chemists can spend more time in the lab
  • Straightforward integration of Reaxys data into existing informatics workflows, facilitating analytics, modeling and sharing


Featured customer story

Dr. Carsten Schauerte of solid-chem GmbH explains how the search for high-quality answers takes much less time now that he and his team use the smarter chemistry search capabilities of Reaxys.
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How Reaxys works

How Reaxys works - Chemicals | Elsevier Solutions

Reaxys offers a highly intuitive interface and robust database to help chemists retrieve chemistry literature and data in half the time.

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How Do You Get to Alpha?

How Do You Get to Alpha? - Chemical R&D | Elsevier

Alpha has many meanings, but for us Alpha is that moment when a chemist, researcher or engineer reaches a chemical product and process innovation milestone.

Discover how other innovators reached Alpha

Reaxys' latest product release

Reaxys' latest product release - Chemicals | Elsevier Solutions

Driven by a rigorous testing with chemists, and content and technology experts, the new Reaxys provides even more rapid access to relevant literature and chemical data.
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Example applications of Reaxys

Design successful procedures - Chemicals - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

Design successful procedures

Robust, optimized synthesis routes and experimental procedures are essential to avoid wasted time and resources. Reaxys delivers real-world experimental information that gives clear expectations of potential experimental outcomes and makes it easier to find the process that will pass lab tests.

Ensure scalability from lab to production - Chemicals - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

Ensure scalability from lab to production

Optimizing existing procedures helps to drive down costs and production times. Reaxys delivers the information needed to optimize synthesis procedures that work at scale. What’s more, data can be easily exported in forms that are suitable for essential analytics such as mass–balance calculations.

Prioritize projects successfully - Chemicals - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

Prioritize projects successfully

Reaxys supports accurate pricing and feasibility evaluation of project proposals. The cross-disciplinary indexing of content and broad sourcing means chemists get the comprehensive view needed to understand the possible applications and commercial potential of a new idea. Reaxys helps to prioritize the projects with the highest chance to succeed.

Identify innovation opportunities - Chemicals - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

Identify innovation opportunities

Knowing what’s already been done and what the latest research looks like is essential when assessing your innovation whitespace. Reaxys delivers up-to-date information from a broad range of patents so chemists can quickly identify existing molecules and procedures and determine their freedom to operate.

Industry insights for chemical R&D professionals

Adapting workflows in agricultural chemical R&D

Adapting workflows in agricultural chemical R&D - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

Increasing pressures are forcing R&D workflows to adapt so that they can more easily incorporate the latest data on each compound. Find out which two main areas these changes are impacting the most.

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Shared information enhances the development process

Shared information enhances the development process - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

Developing new chemical products requires careful collaboration between R&D and manufacturing. Find out how crucial it is for both teams to have access to the same information at every stage — and the risks when they don't.
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