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Recent news and product updates

Elsevier launches new Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry | Elsevier

Elsevier launches new Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Highly intuitive search with the most advanced indexing and extraction of experimental data available will facilitate better connections between biological and chemical data and accelerate lead optimization in early drug discovery.
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Submissions Open for the 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize | Elsevier

Submissions Open for the 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize

The Reaxys PhD Prize is the most prestigious award recognizing young chemists' work. Submissions for the 8th annual Reaxys PhD Prize are open until 13 March.
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Elsevier Opens Second Reaxys ChemSearch Challenge

Elsevier opens second Reaxys ChemSearch Challenge, inviting entrants to compete in solving chemistry conundrums

Join the ChemSearch Challenge and compete with thousands of chemists from research, education and industry fields to see who can achieve the fastest route to finding answers.
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The New Reaxys: Inspired by Customers, Technology and the Future

The new Reaxys: Inspired by customers, technology and the future

The new Reaxys delivers a dramatically streamlined user interface, the addition of critical patents and literature, a powerful new layer of indexing and data excerption, and easier integration with existing informatics environments.
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Elsevier Welcomes 4 Startups to The Hive

Elsevier welcomes 4 startups to The Hive

Four startup companies have been selected for The Hive, Elsevier’s new incubator project for biotech and pharmaceutical startup firms. Participants receive free training and access to solutions such as Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry.
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New insights for chemists in industry and academia

Pharma R&D Today blog

Pharma R&D Today blog | Elsevier

Getting to Chemistry Breakthroughs Faster
Chemists want—and need—a quick and responsive solution for data retrieval from fulltext literature, including patents. Read about the insights that drove ideas for the new Reaxys and the ChemSearch Challenge.

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Chemicals industry insights

Chemicals industry insights | Elsevier

The Future of New Product Development in the Chemical Industry
30-year chemical industry vet Paul Hodges discusses how demographic shifts are changing consumer needs, and how companies should now approach new product development.

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Chemistry education insights

 Chemistry education insights | Elsevier

Teaching Chemistry Information Literacy to Digital Natives
This white paper discusses how to nurture chemistry information literacy and research skills in today’s digital natives, to prepare them to contribute to the crucial chemical discoveries of tomorrow.

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