Celebrating the best of the best in chemistry

Here are the winners of all the editions of the Reaxys PhD Prize.

Our 2020 winners

Dr. Jianchun Wang

Dr. Jianchun Wang

PhD Institution: University of Chicago

PhD Supervisor: Prof. Guangbin Dong

Research submission: Designing New Cocatalysts for Palladium/ Norbornene Cooperative Catalysis

Mr. Rupert Proctor

Mr. Rupert Proctor

PhD Institution: University of Cambridge

PhD Supervisor: Dr Robert Phipps

Research submission: Development of catalytic enantioselective Minisci-type reactions

Dr. Keiichi Yano

Dr. Keiichi Yano

PhD Institution: University of Tokyo

PhD Supervisor: Professor Yoshimitsu Itoh

Research submission: Supramolecular Polymerization in Liquid Crystalline Media

Our 2019 winners

Michael Geeson.jpg

Mr. Michael Geeson from the Cummins group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Presentation title: Phosphoric acid as a precursor to chemicals traditionally synthesized from white phosphorus

Yujia Qing.jpg

Dr. Yujia Qing from the Bayley group, University of Oxford

Presentation title: Directional control of a processive molecular hopper

Aaaron Trowbridge.png

Dr. Aaron Trowbridge from the Gaunt group, University of Cambridge

Presentation title: Multicomponent synthesis of tertiary alkylamines by photocatalytic olefin-hydroaminoalkylation

Our 2017 winners

Portrait image of Joshua Barham | Elsevier

Dr. Joshua Barham from the Murphy group, University of Strathclyde

Presentation title: Contra-thermodynamic hydrogen atom transfer: the selective N-CH3 functionalization of trialkylamines

Portrait of Moritz-Malischewski | Elsevier

Dr. Moritz Malischewski from the Seppelt group, Freie Universität Berlin

Presentation title: Organometallic chemistry in superacids

Portrait image of Changchun Yuan | Elsevier

Dr. Changchun Yuan from the Liu group, Sichuan University
­ ­

Presentation title: Total syntheses of bolivianine, sarcandrolide J and shizukaol D: inspired but not limited by nature

Our 2016 winners

Portrait of Pascal_Ellerbrock | Elsevier

Dr. Pascal Ellerbrock from the Trauner group, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich

Article title: An eight-step synthesis of epicolactone reveals its biosynthetic origin (Nature Chemistry)

Portrait of Jamie_Hicks-2016 | Elsevier

Dr. Jamie Hicks from the Jones group, Monash University

Article title: A two-coordinate manganese(0) complex with an unsupported mn–mg bond: allowing access to low coordinate homo- and heterobimetallic compounds (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Jiheong_Kang-2016 | Elsevier

Dr. Jiheong Kang from the Aida group, University of Tokyo

Article title: A rational strategy for the realization of chain-growth supramolecular polymerization (Science)

Our 2015 winners

Portrait of Andrew Jupp | Elsevier

Dr. Andrew Jupp from the Goicoechea group, University of Oxford

Article title: Phosphinecarboxamide: a phosphorus-containing analogue of urea and stable primary phosphine (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of John Tellis | Elsevier

Dr. John Tellis from the Molander group, University of Pennsylvania

Article title: Single-electron transmetalation in organoboron cross-coupling by photoredox/nickel dual catalysis (Science)

Portrait of Shinnosuke Uno | Elsevier

Dr. Shin-nosuke Uno from the Urano group, University of Tokyo

Article title: A spontaneously blinking fluorophore based on intramolecular spirocyclization for live-cell super-resolution imaging (Nature Chemistry)

Our 2014 winners

Portrait of Zoey Herm | Elsevier

Dr. Zoey Herm from the Long group, University of California, Berkeley

Article title: Separation of hexane isomers in a metal-organic framework with triangular channels (Science)

Portrait of Dawen Niu-2014 | Elsevier

Dr. Dawen Niu from the Hoye group, University of Minnesota
­ ­

Article title: The aromatic ene reaction (Nature Chemistry)

Portrait of Changxia Yuan-2014 | Elsevier

Dr. Changxia Yuan from the Siegel group, University of Texas at Austin

Article title: Metal-free oxidation of aromatic carbon–hydrogen (Nature)

Our 2013 winners

Portrait image of Martin Donakowski | Elsevier

Dr. Martin Donakowski from the Poeppelmeier group, Northwestern University
­ ­

Article title: The role of polar, lamdba-shaped building units in noncentrosymmetric inorganic structures (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Max Hansmann | Elsevier

Dr. Max Hansmann from the Hashmi group, University of Heidelberg
­ ­

Article title: Mechanistic switch in dual gold catalysis of diynes: C(sp3)–H activation through bifurcation — vinylidene versus carbene pathways (Angewandte Chemie)

Portrait image of Johannes Heppekausen | Elsevier

Dr. Johannes Heppekausen from the Fürstner group, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

Article title: Optimized synthesis, structural investigations, ligand tuning and synthetic evaluation of silyloxy-based alkyne metathesis catalysts (Chemistry: a European Journal)

Our 2012 winners

Portrait of Gregory_Hamilton | Elsevier

Dr. Gregory Hamilton from the Toste group, University of California, Berkeley

Article title: A powerful chiral counterion strategy for asymmetric transition metal catalysis (Science)

Portrait of Debashis_Mandal | Elsevier

Dr. Debashis Mandal from the Itami group, Nagoya University
­ ­

Article title: Synthesis of dragmacidin D via direct C–H couplings (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Craig_stivala-Winner 2012 | Elsevier

Dr. Craig Stivala from the Zakarian group, University of California, Santa Barbara

Article title: Highly enantioselective direct alkylation of arylacetic acids with chiral lithium amides as traceless auxiliaries (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Our 2011 winners

Portrait of Vikram_Bhat | Elsevier

Dr. Vikram Bhat from the Rawal group, University of Chicago

Article title: Total synthesis of N-methylwelwitindolinone D isonitrile (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Steven_Malcolmson | Elsevier

Dr. Steven Malcolmson from the Hoveyda group, Boston College

Article title: Highly efficient molybdenum-based catalysts for enantioselective alkene metathesis (Nature)

Portrait of Dixit_Parmar | Elsevier

Dr. Dixit Parmar from the Procter group, University of Manchester

Article title: Reductive cyclisation cascades of lactones using SmI2-H2O (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Our 2010 winners

Portrait of Maimone_Thomas | Elsevier

Dr. Thomas Maimone from the Baran group, Scripps Research Institute

Article title: Total synthesis of vinigro (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Hiroyuki | Elsevier

Dr. Hiroyuki Miyamura from the Kobayashi group, University of Tokyo

Article title: Aerobic oxidation of alcohols at room temperature and atmospheric conditions catalyzed by reusable gold nanoclusters stabilized by the benzene rings of polystyrene derivatives (Angewandte Chemie)

Portrait of Phipps_Robert | Elsevier

Dr. Robert Phipps from the Gaunt group, University of Cambridge

Article title: RA meta-selective copper-catalyzed CH bond arylation (Science)