Celebrating the best of the best in chemistry

Here are the winners of all the editions of the Reaxys PhD Prize.

Our 2017 winners

Portrait image of Joshua Barham | Elsevier

Dr. Joshua Barham from the Murphy group, University of Strathclyde

Presentation title: Contra-thermodynamic hydrogen atom transfer: the selective N-CH3 functionalization of trialkylamines

Portrait of Moritz-Malischewski | Elsevier

Dr. Moritz Malischewski from the Seppelt group, Freie Universität Berlin

Presentation title: Organometallic chemistry in superacids

Portrait image of Changchun Yuan | Elsevier

Dr. Changchun Yuan from the Liu group, Sichuan University
­ ­

Presentation title: Total syntheses of bolivianine, sarcandrolide J and shizukaol D: inspired but not limited by nature

Our 2016 winners

Portrait of Pascal_Ellerbrock | Elsevier

Dr. Pascal Ellerbrock from the Trauner group, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich

Article title: An eight-step synthesis of epicolactone reveals its biosynthetic origin (Nature Chemistry)

Portrait of Jamie_Hicks-2016 | Elsevier

Dr. Jamie Hicks from the Jones group, Monash University

Article title: A two-coordinate manganese(0) complex with an unsupported mn–mg bond: allowing access to low coordinate homo- and heterobimetallic compounds (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Jiheong_Kang-2016 | Elsevier

Dr. Jiheong Kang from the Aida group, University of Tokyo

Article title: A rational strategy for the realization of chain-growth supramolecular polymerization (Science)

Our 2015 winners

Portrait of Andrew Jupp | Elsevier

Dr. Andrew Jupp from the Goicoechea group, University of Oxford

Article title: Phosphinecarboxamide: a phosphorus-containing analogue of urea and stable primary phosphine (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of John Tellis | Elsevier

Dr. John Tellis from the Molander group, University of Pennsylvania

Article title: Single-electron transmetalation in organoboron cross-coupling by photoredox/nickel dual catalysis (Science)

Portrait of Shinnosuke Uno | Elsevier

Dr. Shin-nosuke Uno from the Urano group, University of Tokyo

Article title: A spontaneously blinking fluorophore based on intramolecular spirocyclization for live-cell super-resolution imaging (Nature Chemistry)

Our 2014 winners

Portrait of Zoey Herm | Elsevier

Dr. Zoey Herm from the Long group, University of California, Berkeley

Article title: Separation of hexane isomers in a metal-organic framework with triangular channels (Science)

Portrait of Dawen Niu-2014 | Elsevier

Dr. Dawen Niu from the Hoye group, University of Minnesota
­ ­

Article title: The aromatic ene reaction (Nature Chemistry)

Portrait of Changxia Yuan-2014 | Elsevier

Dr. Changxia Yuan from the Siegel group, University of Texas at Austin

Article title: Metal-free oxidation of aromatic carbon–hydrogen (Nature)

Our 2013 winners

Portrait image of Martin Donakowski | Elsevier

Dr. Martin Donakowski from the Poeppelmeier group, Northwestern University
­ ­

Article title: The role of polar, lamdba-shaped building units in noncentrosymmetric inorganic structures (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Max Hansmann | Elsevier

Dr. Max Hansmann from the Hashmi group, University of Heidelberg
­ ­

Article title: Mechanistic switch in dual gold catalysis of diynes: C(sp3)–H activation through bifurcation — vinylidene versus carbene pathways (Angewandte Chemie)

Portrait image of Johannes Heppekausen | Elsevier

Dr. Johannes Heppekausen from the Fürstner group, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

Article title: Optimized synthesis, structural investigations, ligand tuning and synthetic evaluation of silyloxy-based alkyne metathesis catalysts (Chemistry: a European Journal)

Our 2012 winners

Portrait of Gregory_Hamilton | Elsevier

Dr. Gregory Hamilton from the Toste group, University of California, Berkeley

Article title: A powerful chiral counterion strategy for asymmetric transition metal catalysis (Science)

Portrait of Debashis_Mandal | Elsevier

Dr. Debashis Mandal from the Itami group, Nagoya University
­ ­

Article title: Synthesis of dragmacidin D via direct C–H couplings (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Craig_stivala-Winner 2012 | Elsevier

Dr. Craig Stivala from the Zakarian group, University of California, Santa Barbara

Article title: Highly enantioselective direct alkylation of arylacetic acids with chiral lithium amides as traceless auxiliaries (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Our 2011 winners

Portrait of Vikram_Bhat | Elsevier

Dr. Vikram Bhat from the Rawal group, University of Chicago

Article title: Total synthesis of N-methylwelwitindolinone D isonitrile (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Steven_Malcolmson | Elsevier

Dr. Steven Malcolmson from the Hoveyda group, Boston College

Article title: Highly efficient molybdenum-based catalysts for enantioselective alkene metathesis (Nature)

Portrait of Dixit_Parmar | Elsevier

Dr. Dixit Parmar from the Procter group, University of Manchester

Article title: Reductive cyclisation cascades of lactones using SmI2-H2O (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Our 2010 winners

Portrait of Maimone_Thomas | Elsevier

Dr. Thomas Maimone from the Baran group, Scripps Research Institute

Article title: Total synthesis of vinigro (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

Portrait of Hiroyuki | Elsevier

Dr. Hiroyuki Miyamura from the Kobayashi group, University of Tokyo

Article title: Aerobic oxidation of alcohols at room temperature and atmospheric conditions catalyzed by reusable gold nanoclusters stabilized by the benzene rings of polystyrene derivatives (Angewandte Chemie)

Portrait of Phipps_Robert | Elsevier

Dr. Robert Phipps from the Gaunt group, University of Cambridge

Article title: RA meta-selective copper-catalyzed CH bond arylation (Science)