The Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium

We close every edition of the Reaxys PhD Prize with a symposium that showcases the finalists’ incredible work. It is a celebratory gathering and a great opportunity for the new Prize Club members to introduce themselves.

The Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium | Elsevier

Events at the Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium include:

  • A poster session where all 45 finalists are invited to present their research
  • Talks by the shortlisted finalists
  • The awards ceremony honoring the three winners
  • The keynote presentation by a special guest speaker
  • A gala dinner

The symposium is generally in September or October. As part of the commitment to a global reach, previous symposia have been held around the world, in Shanghai (2017), London (2016), Hong Kong (2015), Grindlewald in Switzerland (2013 and 2014), Philadelphia (2012), Bangkok (2011) and Nürnberg (2010).