Ten years of excellence recognized with the Reaxys PhD Prize

This year marks the tenth anniversary of both the Reaxys PhD Prize and the associated Reaxys Prize Club. The idea behind the two was to find a lasting way to support ambitious and talented chemists from the time they completed their PhD well into their research careers. Looking back over those ten years, we can certainly see how the idea has borne fruit!


Since 2010, the Reaxys PhD Prize has gained global recognition in the chemical sciences community. As 2014 winner Professor Dawen Niu ­(PDF, 646.8 KB) explains "It is a very prestigious prize. It is literally the worldwide best of the best chemistry PhD students."   2017 winner Dr. Joshua Barham adds "Winning the Reaxys PhD Prize gave me confidence to apply for some high-caliber opportunities."

Over that decade, the Reaxys Prize Club has grown to over 400 members, who can benefit not only from the prestige of the award, but also from the inter-research area networking possibilities, the travel grants, and the personal access to Reaxys. 2014 finalist Dr. Emma McInturff says "The Reaxys PhD Prize presented an opportunity to expand my network and see inspirational research from outside of my immediate circle." 2011 finalist Professor Qianghui Zhou told us "I also benefit greatly from other aspects of the Club, including the local member meetings during ACS meetings, private access to Reaxys, and social networking through the Reaxys Prize Club LinkedIn group."

Emma McInturff-SM Testimonial

It’s fascinating to look back at the ten years of the competition and see the range of projects that have been chosen as finalists from the increasingly large pool of submissions. Projects focusing on every area, including synthetic, catalytic, nano-scale, material, medicinal, environmental and applied chemistry, have been recognized, presented at the annual Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium, and discussed in detail by the attendees. We’ve taken great pleasure in creating the environment for all these amazing scientists to come together and share their discoveries.

Their research processes have also been topics of discussion and it’s naturally been of great interest to hear how approaches have changed. The incredible advances in cheminformatics have supported new avenues of investigation that have been embraced by these forward-thinking and ambitious scientists. We’re certain that over the next ten years, we shall see even more such changes.

Reaxys PhD Prize 2020_Comm news_compt open

The tenth edition of the Reaxys PhD Prize is now open for submissions. Are you doing a PhD in the chemical sciences? Or do you know someone who is? Ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the great and growing legacy of the Reaxys PhD Prize. See how to apply.

Meet our winners

We’ve had ten years of celebrating the very best research from ambitious and talented young chemists around the world.

In 2010, the awards went to Dr. Thomas Maimone for his impressive work on vinigro synthesis, Dr. Hiroyuki Miyamura for his excellent project on aerobic oxidation of alcohols catalysed by reusable gold nanoclusters, and Dr. Robert Phipps for his work on copper-catalyzed CH bond arylation.

Since then, there have been 24 more winners, each with their own contribution to chemistry, all the way up to our 2019 winners, Dr. Yujia Qing, Dr. Aaron Trowbridge and Mr. Michael Geeson. Meet all the previous winners.