The Reaxys Prize Club

All finalists of the Reaxys PhD Prize are invited to join this elite group of influential chemists. Over the years, their careers have developed, so the membership now encompasses all fields of chemical sciences research and the full span of academic and industry positions.

The Reaxys Prize Club | Elsevier

Members of the Reaxys Prize Club are awarded with a broad range of benefits including free access to Reaxys, discounts to attend Elsevier conferences and purchase books, travel grants to network and explore research collaborations, and many more.

For a quick and easy way to find out more about membership benefits, download the infographic below:

The benefits of the Reaxys Prize Club include:

  • Travel grants: Club members can apply for special travel grants to support research collaboration opportunities with other club members, or to attend a conference that supports their research.
  • Private events: Unique networking events to meet collaborators and mentors in your research area
  • Free access to Reaxys: Personal and unlimited access to Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry, including online training sessions
  • Book discounts: 20–30% discounts on Elsevier chemistry books
  • Reduced conference fees: Preferential rates for over 40 annual Elsevier conferences

There are also additional opportunities for members that want to get more deeply involved.

  • Join the Reaxys guidance team: Be a group of Prize Club members that actively steer the development of Reaxys and other Elsevier solutions.
  • Become a Reaxys PhD Prize reviewer: Take an active role in selecting finalists who will join your ever-growing community of talented, innovative and ambitious chemists.
  • Become a local event organizer: Get support to organize regional events where Reaxys Prize Club members can come together.
  • Get sponsorship for visiting lecturers: The Reaxys Prize Club offers sponsorship to organize local lectures at your university.