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This is where you’ll soon find all the information about the Reaxys PhD Prize from around the Internet. We will post links to interviews with the members of the Reaxys Advisory Board and Reaxys Prize Club as well as articles, blog posts and other press.

Professor Qianghui Zhou

From a love of science to a successful career

Professor Liang-Qiu Lu, one of our 2011 finalists, talks about how he views his career and what he'd say to someone starting out in academia.
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Professor Qianghui Zhou

Leading an academic research group

Professor Qianghui Zhou, one of our 2011 finalists, gives some advice about starting an academic research group and discusses how Reaxys supports his research
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Professor Qianghui Zhou

Announcing the 2019 finalists of the Reaxys PhD Prize

After an intensive review process, the 45 finalists of the Reaxys PhD Prize 2019 have been selected. Discover more about these outstanding chemists in this press release.
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Sandy-K-Blog-Header | Elsevier

Supporting specialist training through the Reaxys Prize Club

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Kilpatrick, one of our 2015 finalists, was awarded a travel grant by the Reaxys Prize Club in spring 2019 to attend a five-day training course in Paris covering the theoretical and practical aspects of molecular electrochemistry.
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Emma McInturff - Reaxys PhD Prize Blog | Elsevier

Exploring impactful applications of chemistry

Dr. Emma McInturff, one of our 2014 finalists, discusses her work with interdisciplinary teams at Pfizer and her experiences as a woman in the academic STEM environment.

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Anna Wagner - Blog intro

A successful career in process chemistry

Dr. Anna Wagner, one of our 2014 finalists, discusses her work at Gilead Sciences and the experiences of women in academic and corporate STEM careers.

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Exploring continuous flow chemistry

Exploring continuous flow chemistry

Dr. Joshua Barham, one of our 2017 winners, shares insights into his research, which started with an industrial PhD at GlaxoSmithKline and now focuses on continuous flow chemistry at AIST in Japan.

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Teresa Martínez del Campo-Blog image | Elsevier

A passion for teaching and research

Professor Teresa Martinez del Campo, one of our 2010 finalists, shares some advice for those interested in a career in chemistry and discusses some of her own experiences in this interview.

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In conversation with successful women in chemistry

In this exclusive discussion, Prof. Cristina Nevado, Prof. Li-Zhu Wu and Prof. Yan-Mei Li discuss their successful careers, give advice for people starting out in chemistry, and talk about some of the challenges for women in this field.

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Meet Dr. Andy Chapman

Since completing his PhD, 2011 Prize finalist Dr. Andy Chapman has worked in academia and start-ups. Here, he talks about his career and shares advice on founding a start-up.

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Marty in the lab | Elsevier

Working between fundamental and applied science

In this interview with one of our 2013 winners, Dr. Martin Donakowski shares some insights into his varied career across academia, government and industry, and the role of the Reaxys PhD Prize in it.

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Marty in the lab | Elsevier

Celebrating chemists at Elsevier

Elsevier sponsors a whole range of awards for innovative and ambitious chemistry research. Here we look at 10 of the most prestigious awards being funded by Elsevier in 2019.

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The Return of the Reaxys PhD Prize | Elsevier

The Return of the Reaxys PhD Prize

SciTech Connect takes a closer look at the return of the Reaxys PhD Prize in 2019. How has the competition grown since its founding in 2010?
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Professor Dawen Niu | Elsevier

Meet Professor Dawen Niu
­   ­

One of our 2014 winners, Professor Dawen Niu is now head of his own research group focusing on the modification of natural products, including those used in traditional Chinese Medicine.
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Supporting chemistry’s bright young stars | Esevier Solutions

Supporting chemistry’s bright young stars

Recognizing the work of rising stars in chemistry is vital to solving modern societal problems. We take a closer look at how the Reaxys PhD Prize plays a role in supporting careers.
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Interview with Dr. Debabrata Maiti | Elsevier

Interview with Dr. Debabrata Maiti

Dr. Debabrata Maiti of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay supervised one of the Reaxys PhD Prize 2016 finalists. In this interview, he talks about mentoring young researchers, the importance of the Prize, and why he chooses Reaxys for education.
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Image: Pictured are the three winners of the 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize

Announcing the 2017 winners
­   ­

At the 2017 Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium in Shanghai, these three innovative chemists received the prestigious award for their original research.
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The three winners of the 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize | Elsevier

Announcing the 2016 winners

These are the three innovative young chemists recognized with the Reaxys PhD Prize at the 2016 Symposium in London.
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