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Who are Reaxys Advisors?

They are chemistry enthusiasts and Reaxys power users. Representing diverse fields of chemistry, Reaxys Advisors help their peers in the research community by sharing knowledge on how Reaxys can help them make their research more efficient. Reaxys Advisors proactively organize one-on-one discussions, small workshops and other outreach activities–and benefit from the experience.

Get the most of being a Reaxys Advisor

Reaxys Advisors meet regularly to gain knowledge and improve their skills. They have direct access to the latest information, engage with experts from different areas and advise in Reaxys development. Furthermore, Reaxys Advisor activities help to raise their research profiles within the chemistry community.

Additional benefits include complimentary Elsevier books, access to Elsevier databases and conference sponsorships—as well as Reaxys Advisors signature items, such as branded laboratory coats, backpacks or chemistry beaker-themed coffee mugs!

What it takes to become a Reaxys Advisor?

Reaxys Advisors are typically PhD students or post-docs in any field in chemistry who are active in research, presenting at conferences or pursuing other research or teaching activities related to chemistry. The application process entails:

  1. Providing a short profile
  2. Demonstrating your Reaxys proficiency

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Meet Michaela, Reaxys Advisors' quarterly leader from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Michaela Čierna and I am a doctoral student of organic chemistry at the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. For more than three years, I was studying the powerful crystallisation process (CIAT) in the connection with the synthesis of diastereomerically pure amino acids and β-amino ketones. Currently, I am studying fascinating photochemistry and its applicability in the synthesis of natural products and antibiotics. Our main goal is to develop new photoredox-catalytic systems to overcome even the most ambitious challenges of modern organic synthesis.

Reaxys Advisor Michaela Čierna in her lab ⠀­

2. How has your chemistry path started? What do you like about chemistry?

I found my passion for chemistry at elementary school. Chemistry made sense to me and answered interesting questions about science and life. My path to organic chemistry was sealed by studying under my supervisor Dr. Pavol Jakubec who showed me the beauty and diversity of this research field. His determination to accept the most ambitious projects taught me patience and perseverance to continue in the demanding and long-lasting research. Dr. Jakubec is an excellent mentor who constantly supports and encourages me to continue my studies and research. Organic chemistry always challenges me to find new answers for something unknown and to solve problems that have not been answered yet.

3. What is the most challenging thing about being chemistry researcher?

To stay focused on the project even when every previous experiment failed. But no matter how hard the research is, it is important to never give up and to continue gaining new results, skills, and knowledge.

4. What chemistry researcher would you like to meet with or work with?

It would be my pleasure to meet the greatest scientists of organic synthesis. It would be inspiring to meet and hear the lectures of Professor Elias James Corey and Professor Karl Barry Sharpless.

5. Why did you decide to become a Reaxys Advisor? What has it brought to you?

For organic chemists, Reaxys represents a powerful tool for advancing their scientific research. All the useful information is available in one place and can be searched quickly. Also, Reaxys offers answers to specific questions and provides particular data from its rich databases. For many years, academic researchers and students at the Slovak University of Technology had access to Reaxys. Unfortunately, access to Reaxys was denied due to a lack of interest and financial support last year. When I heard about the opportunity to join the Reaxys Advisors team, I did not hesitate and filled the application form. My biggest goal is to raise the awareness of Reaxys in Slovakia and to regain access to Reaxys for Slovak academic researchers and students. Besides, the participation in the Reaxys Advisors team helps me to improve my communication skills and learn more about all functions of Reaxys.

6. What do you like about Reaxys, and what is your most favorite feature of Reaxys?

I like that Reaxys offers a simple way to search for specific data. Firstly, I used Reaxys only to search for the best method to synthesize a chosen molecule. But over time, I learned how to use Reaxys for a more comprehensive search using the query builder. Currently, I also use Reaxys to search for physicochemical data or even bibliographic records and patent information.

7. How has the global pandemic been affecting your research work, and is there anything that you have you taken from it?

The global pandemic affected my research work significantly. The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava has taken this problem very seriously, and the university management closed the university for all students. Despite the distant form of teaching, I successfully defended my master thesis in organic chemistry, and I earned my Master of Science degree. In September, I have become a PhD student in organic and have started my research in photochemistry. However, it did not take long and the school was closed again for students in December because of a critical increase in coronavirus cases in our country. Since then, I have been working from home and spending my time working on my thesis focused on the study of photochemistry. My research work is only theoretical for now, but I hope to get to the laboratory in a short time to test our project proposals. This worldwide crisis showed me that I have everything important in my life. The health, great job, loving family, wonderful friends, and colleagues who stand by me at all times. One does not realize how much he/she has until such a difficult situation arises. The global pandemic taught me to appreciate the little things in life and to stay positive even in hard times.

Maja Beus, PhD.

Maja Beus, PhD.

University of Zagreb

Meet Maja, Reaxys Advisor from Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of  University of Zagreb in Croatia. Her field of research is cancer, she works on designing new molecules to combat cancer and determining the mechanism of action of novel compounds. She worked at McGill University and University of Oxford. What the biggest chemsitry challenge according to her? Not giving up after nothing seems to be working.

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Tomasz J. Swebocki

Tomasz J. Swebocki

University of Gdansk

Meet Tomasz J. Swebocki, a master senior year student at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdansk, Poland. His main field of research covers the study of biological and supramolecular systems using electrochemical as well as spectroscopic methods. Reaxys is a first-to-go place for him as it is simple, clear, fast and accurate, as he sums it up, and has the physicochemical data he needs.

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Roxana Popa

Roxana Popa

Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca

Roxana-Alexandra Popa is currently a Chemistry PhD student at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, she's a member of the Supramolecular Organic and Organometallic Chemistry Centre. She works on a thesis "Organoselenium compounds with potential biological activity" with a focus on compounds containing heterocycles and/or organic groups capable of intramolecular coordination. Over the past two years, she extended her work to metal complexes of the previously mentioned types of ligands. The power feature of Reaxys for her is the query builder.

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