How Reaxys works: Search and technology features

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Source: Based on ~1,700 players competing to solve the same set of research problems during 2015 ChemSearch Challenge. The data shown is the average time in minutes and seconds.

Get to the relevant chemistry literature and data — twice as fast

Chemists can't be slowed down by yesterday's tools. Their work is key to driving research and commercial outcomes for their organizations. Chemistry discovery is vital to improving sustainability, finding drugs to combat disease, developing new sources of energy and resolving many more modern problems.

This is why the Reaxys developers work hard to ensure this premier chemistry solution delivers best-in-class capabilities that put chemists on the shortest path to relevant chemistry answers:

Smart Indexing that enables maximum discovery of insights from across content sources and types

Reaxys uses two indexing processes: manual indexing and data excerption for the core chemistry journals, patents and textbook ; and a novel, human-like automated indexing process for the broader range of chemistry-related periodicals and patents.

A best-in-class, modern user interface that even beginners can quickly master

Reaxys' Quick Search options and drag-and-drop Query Builder interface help users quickly search for literature or compound properties using keywords, structure or reaction drawings, molecular formula building and more. Users can control the scope and direction of their research through specialized options for viewing, filtering and refining results.

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The Reaxys home screen gives two intuitive quick search options.
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The query builder screen puts all the most important search features in one place.

Reaxys AutoPlan for planning synthesis routes

Reaxys AutoPlan removes the time-consuming aspects of synthesis planning by enabling users to instantly generate multiple, alternative synthesis pathways for compounds of interest.

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Reaxys AutoPlan generates multiple synthesis pathways.

Sharing and integration features

Reaxys offers a simple way to export and share search results, and provides multiple options for the integration of content into an existing tool and system environment, including unique Application Programming Interfaces compatible with KNIME and Pipeline Pilot. It is compatible with electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) from major suppliers, including Accelrys, Perkin Elmer and IDBS. In addition, Reaxys can be integrated with Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry.

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Content features

Reaxys helps users retrieve precise data points from an extensive database of peer-reviewed articles, patents, and more! The database includes >500 million excerpted experimental facts.

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Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Reaxys can be fully integrated with Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry, allowing deeper exploration of the relationships between compounds of interest, targets and bioactivity data. Subscribers to both solutions can access them through a single, streamlined user interface.

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What's new in Reaxys?

Reaxys' latest product release includes a dramatically streamlined user interface, the addition of critical patents and literature, a powerful new layer of indexing and data excerption, and easier integration with existing informatics environments.

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