Heatmap for easy assessment of substance–target affinity

To help researchers hone in on the most promising substance–target interactions, we’ve added the Heatmap. This great feature generates an overview of the relationships between substances and their targets in terms of standardized values that facilitate comparisons.

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Get a clear overview of the bioactive interactions of substances and targets

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry has a Heatmap* that provides a clear overview of the relationships between substances and their targets. This enables rapid and confident identification of the most relevant interactions. Its parameter settings are flexible: changing them reveals new relationships between substances and protein targets or cell lines.

Use Heatmap View to rapidly assess compound–target interactions - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Normalized values for easy affinity comparisons

To facilitate comparisons of biodata from different publications, all the data points in Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry have pX values. These are normalized values assigned to the data to enable easy quantification of the substance– target affinity and comparison of information from all around the world. They are displayed in the Heatmap for convenient reading.

Quantify Compound and Target Affinities - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

The default display shows chemical substances (Y-axis) versus biological targets (X-axis) and activity potency as pX (in the cells). These settings can be changed by accessing the heatmap settings button in the menu bar. The Navigator frame enables quick navigation through the heatmap. The colors in the Heatmap and in the navigator panel refer to the potency of a substance with blue showing low potency and red showing high potency, based on the pX values.

Heatmap facilitates decisions about the potential of drug candidates early in the workflow of new drug development and drug repurposing.

* Heatmap is available to all users with a Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry license.

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