How Reaxys works: Content features

> 105 million

organic, inorganic, and organometallic compounds

≻ 42 million

chemical reactions

> 500 million

published experimental facts

> 16,000


≻ 240

years of chemistry


indexing sources for a cross-disciplinary view of chemistry

Get precise facts from peer-reviewed articles, patents and more

Reaxys enables users to quickly retrieve precise data points from within full-text chemistry literature or find relevant articles, patents, textbook chapters and more. Each query starts a search of a comprehensive database that includes:

  • ~450 core chemistry journals and textbooks: A carefully curated collection of essential titles in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry as well as material science, petrochemistry, pharmacology, and medicinal and computational chemistry.
  • > 16,000 chemistry-related periodicals, including conference abstracts: A broad range of content that is relevant for chemists, including minor publications in core fields and major publications in related fields.
  • Patents from all the major world offices, including the US and Asia: A global range of deeply indexed patents, going beyond the WO, US and EP content to include Asian-language patents from the China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea offices.

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With smart indexing, precise data retrieval capabilities, application programming interfaces and more, Reaxys improves search and R&D efficiency, retrieving answers twice as fast as any other solution.

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