Integrating Reaxys with other chemistry research systems

Reaxys is designed to be part of a larger research system. It offers multiple options for integration with other chemistry search and analytics tools. It also connects with other R&D Solutions from Elsevier, like PharmaPendium, Scopus and ScienceDirect.

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Reaxys API: Flexible information delivery and real-time - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

Access Reaxys through your own system with the Application Programming Interface

Reaxys supports the retrieval of chemistry reaction and substance data, including bioactivities, as well as citations, through an application that can be implemented for HTML web browsers on several platforms.

Access Reaxys through your own system with the API - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

An example of Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry integrated into an existing research workflow via its API.

The Reaxys Application Programming Interface (API) provides a different way of accessing the Reaxys database, allowing programmers to create their own direct interface to the native Reaxys data. The API retrieves the data in XML format.

This functionality is available from the Reaxys API and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry API. KNIME nodes and Pipeline Pilot components are available to fully support work with those systems.

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Other options for sharing and integrating search results:

  • The Reaxys Structure Flat File delivers structures, related fact and reaction data and patent information for in-house use, e.g., structural analog searching and assessments of the uniqueness of a compound.
  • Reaxys Export is a simple way to export and share search results. Clicking on Export in any result gives numerous format options suitable for any post-processing workflows.
  • Reaxys is compatible with electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) from major suppliers, including Accelrys, Perkin Elmer and IDBS.

When you need to incorporate Reaxys database and tools into your cheminformatics environment for robust and complete chemistry research workflows, we’re ready to help with a range of straightforward methods.

Connecting with Elsevier's R&D Solutions

Reaxys offers direct links to other R&D Solutions from Elsevier to streamline the work of subscribers to multiple solutions. This includes links from:

  • Citation information directly to the relevant results in Scopus
  • Document results to full-text articles in ScienceDirect
  • Drug-like compounds to regulatory information in PharmaPendium

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Developing highly sought-after lead compounds for unmet medical needs

Developing highly sought-after lead compounds for unmet medical needs - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

As a developer of lead compounds, Hager Biosciences needs reliable access to accurate medicinal chemistry and synthesis data. As a start-up, they need rapid research workflows to remain competitive. Dr. Bel Mekonnen, CEO of Hager Biosciences, considers Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry perfect for his company's needs.

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Saving time with relevant data for chemical R&D decisions

Saving time with relevant data for chemical R&D decisions - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

In the competitve world of modern R&D, research chemists have to gather relevant information and make informed decisions quickly. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Peter Witte of BASF reveals how Reaxys helps in the discovery and development of his team's work on catalysts. He also talks about how looking at reaction conditions can help in the important drive toward sustainability.
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