Integrating Reaxys with other chemistry research systems

Reaxys is designed to be part of a larger research system. It offers multiple options for integration with other chemistry search and analytics tools, even with customer supply management (CSM) systems. It also connects with other R&D Solutions from Elsevier, like PharmaPendium, Scopus and ScienceDirect.

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Reaxys API: Flexible information delivery and real-time - Reaxys | Elsevier Solutions

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Put key internal and external information in one place

Well-informed decisions take all relevant information into account. When that information is separated in multiple silos, this slows down the generation of insights and creates the risk of important facts being missed.

Reaxys offers the possibility to fully integrate our data in your system in a variety of ways.

Access chemistry information the way you want to see it with our API

Want to access our databases through your own direct interface? Reaxys supports the retrieval of citations and chemical reaction and substance data, including bioactivities, through an API that can for HTML web browsers on several platforms.

This makes it possible to query high-quality, peer-reviewed data from Reaxys and your own research results simultaneously. It also facilitates the comparison, analysis and interpretation of all data together.

Access Reaxys through your own system with the API - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

An example of Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry integrated into an existing research workflow via its API.

How it works: The Reaxys Application Programming Interface (API) allows programmers to create their own direct interface to the native Reaxys data. It retrieves the data in XML format. KNIME nodes and Pipeline Pilot components are available to fully support work with those systems.

This functionality is available from the Reaxys API and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry API.

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Overcome challenges in planning chemical synthesis with CSM system integration

How it works: Custom catalogs are securely integrated into the Reaxys environment in a manner compliant with your security requirements.

After integration of your CSM system, you can:

  • Check if the desired substance is available in your company inventory locally or globally
  • Determine if the desired substance is in stock at any vendor
  • See if the vendor is in your order system
  • Automate the ordering of the chemical

Synthetic planning - Reaxys API | Elsevier solutions

This integration is shown to save chemists 30 minutes per order and save purchasing departments 15 minutes per order.

Learn more in our new white paper on improved synthetic planning.

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Leverage flexible ways to export, process and analyze Reaxys data

  • The Reaxys Structure Flat File delivers structures property and reaction data and patent information for in-house use, e.g., structural analog searching and assessments of the uniqueness of a compound.
  • Reaxys Export is a simple way to export and share search results. Clicking on Export in any result gives numerous format options suitable for any post-processing workflows.
  • Reaxys is compatible with electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) from major suppliers, including Accelrys, Perkin Elmer and IDBS.

See how our customer achieved improved efficiency with ELN content integration.

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When you need to incorporate Reaxys database and tools into your cheminformatics environment for robust and complete chemistry research workflows, we’re ready to help with a range of straightforward methods.
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Connect directly with Elsevier's R&D Solutions

Reaxys offers direct links to other R&D Solutions from Elsevier to streamline the work of subscribers to multiple solutions. This includes links from:

  • Citation information directly to the relevant results in Scopus
  • Document results to full-text articles in ScienceDirect
  • Drug-like compounds to regulatory information in PharmaPendium

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