Reaxys features and capabilities

With expertly curated chemistry data from patents and journals combined with cutting-edge search and data integration, Reaxys enables every scientist, from beginner to expert, to improve R&D productivity.

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Unique chemistry content - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Chemistry data from patents and journals

Reaxys offers expertly curated, high-quality data excerpted from patents and journals. Individual data points and text-based information are easily searchable, and experimental procedures from foreign language patents are translated.

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Cutting-edge chemistry search technology - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Search options designed for chemistry research and literature

Reaxys offers search options based on structure, reaction, keyword, or property values, combined structure and text searches, and the ability to run searches with Boolean operators. WIth unique search capabilities, Reaxys users can search faster and smarter.

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Automated synthesis planning - Reaxys |Elsevier Solutions

Optimal synthesis planning

Reaxys offers a best-in-class, AI-enabled predictive retro-synthesis planner developed in partnership with a renowned chemist and computational scientist, Dr. Mark Waller. It combines high-quality data with neural network technology for optimal synthesis planning.

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Reaxys integration tools and capabilities

Integration with other chemistry research systems

Reaxys can serve as a portal for integrating in-house content from ELNs and inventory systems, enabling harmonized analysis of in-house and external data from a single point of access.

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The shortest path from question to answer

Your Research Question

Does this compound exist?
What do we know about it?
How can I obtain it?
Is it involved in novel research?
Who else is working on it?

How Reaxys Answers

The latest chemistry literature and patents
Excerpted data on properties, reactions & more
Excerpted synthesis plans & purchase information
Patent data from every relevant patent office
Direct links to Scopus for detailed information

Reaxys enables chemists and other researchers

Reaxys enables chemists and other researchers to:

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Content features

Reaxys helps users retrieve precise data points from an extensive database of peer-reviewed articles, patents, and more! The database includes >500 million excerpted experimental facts.

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Search and technology features

With smart indexing, precise data retrieval capabilities, application programming interfaces and more, Reaxys improves search and R&D efficiency, retrieving answers twice as fast as any other solution.

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Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry empowers hit identification and lead optimization with normalized compound–target affinity data and comprehensive pharmacokinetic, efficacy, toxicity, safety and metabolic profiles.

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What's new in Reaxys?

Reaxys' latest product release includes a dramatically streamlined user interface, the addition of critical patents and literature, a powerful new layer of indexing and data excerption, and easier integration with existing informatics environments.

The new Reaxys

Reaxys makes it easy for users to find, assess, export and share the chemistry answers they discover

Reaxys empowers researchers by putting them on the shortest path to chemistry answers. It achieves this with dedicated features and functions that are specifically designed to make chemistry accessible to all scientists.


Search Technology
Getting to chemistry breakthroughs faster than other solutions

The Reaxys user interface is designed to put the same advanced search power into the hands of all scientists who need chemistry answers. Quick Search and Query Builder can be used for all chemistry searches, making it easy to find physicochemical and bioactive properties and reactions as well as peer-reviewed literature and patents.
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Content Features
Get precise facts from peer-reviewed articles, patents and more

Saving time and effort, Reaxys uniquely provides access to multiple sources of chemistry information in one simple interface. Reaxys delivers chemistry data and literature from an expertly curated and indexed collection of content, including peer-reviewed literature and patents with substance data from publicly available and proprietary databases.
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Relevant Results
Streamline your workflow with deeper insights into the results

For the clearest view of chemistry answers, Reaxys’ streamlined results display offers optimized content-appropriate displays, relevant filters and multiple possibilities to delve deep into the background of chemistry answers. Reaxys delivers reactions, substance properties, experimental procedures, literature and more!
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Synthesis Tools
Automates the underlying processes in creating synthesis routes

Remove the time-consuming aspects of investigating the synthesis possibilities for a substance with Reaxys. Not only does Reaxys instantly generate multiple pathways for the synthesis of a compound, it also includes links to databases about compound availability.
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Application Programming Interface (API)
Integrate relevant chemistry information into existing workflows

To ensure that scientists get the most out of their research time, Reaxys offers multiple options for integrating retrieved chemistry data with in-house data in essential research workflows. These features include an application programming interface compatible with KNIME nodes and Pipeline Pilot components, an export feature with multiple format options, and compatibility with electronic lab notebooks from major suppliers.
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Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

With normalized and linked biological information from patents and journals, users can summarize bioactivity data via a heatmap, conduct Structure-Activity-Relationships (SAR) analysis, and export data for visualization and analysis in preferred applications.

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Reaxys Predictive Retrosynthesis

This new Reaxys offering uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to bring game-changing innovation to retrosynthesis for researchers and companies.

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Reaxys subscription pricing

Reaxys is available to academic and corporate organizations via enterprise annual subscriptions with multi-user access. Pricing is based on company size and usage.

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