Saving time with relevant data for chemical R&D decisions

Reaxys saves time with relevant data for chemical R&D decisions

In the competitve world of modern R&D, research chemists have to gather relevant information and make informed decisions quickly. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Peter Witte of BASF reveals how Reaxys helps in the discovery and development of his team's work on catalysts. He also talks about how looking at reaction conditions can help in the important drive toward sustainability.

Interview with Dr. Peter Witte, research chemist at BASF


A research chemist has to be able to make informed decisions relatively quickly in the competitive environment of modern R&D. In the discovery and development phases, research solutions that retrieve relevant data and literature save time. Beyond that, it is also important that scientists can search in ways that fit their work. For example, heterogeneous catalysts cannot be described using a simple formula. A solution that allows the user to search by reaction and find catalysts is extremely useful.


According to Dr. Peter Witte, Research Chemist at BASF, Reaxys is an excellent tool for research chemists. It allows a variety of search types, including the possibility to find catalysts and then discover methods for preparing them. This is essential for his team's work. Reaxys also helps him find the literature he needs during the planning phase of projects. As he and his colleagues are currently looking at more sustainable production for their catalysts, they're turning to Reaxys to investigate reaction conditions.

Interview with Dr. Peter Witte of BASF - Reaxys

Reaxys saves us time by giving us a detailed overview of the search results, not just a list of literature.

Dr. Peter Witte, Research Chemist at BASF


Dr. Witte is very satisfied with Reaxys, saying that it saves them considerable time. Rather than delivering a list of literature, Reaxys provides a detailed overview of the search results and precise extracted data. He greatly appreciates the search features that make it easy to find the data he needs, especially when it comes to finding data about heterogenous catalysts and their preparation.

Heterogeneous catalysts can’t be described by a simple formula. The possibility to search by reaction and find catalysts is a great advantage.

Dr. Peter Witte, Research Chemist at BASF

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