Winning a contract for a proof of concept study with experimental facts

Reaxys helps researchers win contracts in chemical R&D

Winning a contract for a proof of concept study requires competitive ideas that must be based on accurate experimental facts. Rapid search workflows are also important in the highly competitive chemical R&D environment. In this case study, Dr. Jan Haller of Novasep describes how Reaxys helped his team develop a winning synthesis route.

Interview with Dr. Jan Haller, Project Manager at Novasep


Novasep provides process development services, custom synthesis and biomanufacture and purification processes for fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. They were asked to submit a proposal for a proof of concept study for cost-effective synthesis of a key intermediate for a pharmaceutical compound. To compete with the other companies involved, Dr. Jan Haller and his team needed rapid access to precise data on compounds and reactions.


Dr. Haller says that Reaxys gives researchers the ability to find the information they need to plan optimal synthesis routes. For the proof of concept study, his first step was to see what routes were already documented in the literature and see if anything would be suitable for the challenge. Using information from Reaxys, he and his team developed and proposed an interesting synthesis pathway that started with inexpensive raw materials and avoided transition metal catalysis, which was a weak point in many other proposals.

IInterview with Dr. Jan Haller at Novasep - Reaxys

It's much easier to get useful information from patents on Reaxys.

Dr. Jan Haller, Project Manager and Group Head at Novasep


Thanks to the information from Reaxys, Dr. Haller and his team managed to win the contract for the proof of concept study. Dr. Haller praises how quickly he can find information with Reaxys. It has streamlined their search for information by an estimated 50%. Search queries are easy to develop and it is much easier to find critical experimental facts, even from patents.

I have actually cut down the time I spend by 50% — and I find more and better information than I was getting before.

Dr. Jan Haller, Project Manager and Group Head at Novasep

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