Empowering chemistry researchers, educators and students

Efficient answers to research questions help chemistry researchers and faculty maximize the impact of their research, enhance teaching and improve learning outcomes for the next generation of chemists.

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Enabling smarter chemistry with relevant data for research and education

Thanks to a highly intuitive interface and robust database that retrieves relevant chemistry literature, patent information, valid substance properties and experimental procedures in half the time that competing solutions do, Reaxys helps institutions replace research complexity with the freedom to discover and innovate.

Educators worldwide use Reaxys with students, even as early as at the undergraduate level. In these interviews, they discuss how and why they feel it is so important to teach students how to use research solutions.

Chemistry Education

Solution Story: Supporting students and researchers - Customer stories, Reaxys | Elsevier

Gifu Pharmaceutical University

Supporting students and researchers

Professor Hironao Sajiki, PhD, shares how Reaxys empowers his research team while also helping him educate a new generation of chemistry and pharmacology students.

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Osaka University

Preparing students to be researchers

Professor Keiji Hirose insists on having the best chemistry informatics tools for his students. Learn why he finds Reaxys so e ective.
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WCS University

Improving chemistry literacy for smarter research

According to Professor Forest Robertson, Reaxys improves his students' chemistry literacy and shows them smarter ways to do research.
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VU University Amsterdam

Developing literature search and management skills

Dr. Maikel Wijtmans relies on Reaxys so his students can develop skills with the reseach solutions they will need in their careers.
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University of Venice

Providing tools for teaching and research

Reaxys is the chemistry research solution that meets Professor Fabrizio Fabris' needs both in the classroom and the lab.
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