Reaxys Customer Stories

Leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies and academic institutions around the world use Reaxys to drive their chemistry research, educational and commercial goals forward. Read their stories here.

Featured Story

Developing the Right Additive at the Right Cost

When a major adhesive company wanted to develop a new anti-corrosive coating product for the oil and gas industry, the lead chemist on the project turned to Reaxys to deliver a large number of relevant results in less time. With Reaxys, the company was able to lower total costs by a factor of 20. Watch the video to learn how.

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Pharmaceutical R&D

Hager Biosciences

Hager Biosciences Reaxys

Hager Biosciences needed reliable access to accurate medicinal chemistry and synthesis data. Reaxys was perfect for their needs.

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Epigen Biosciences

Epigen Biosciences Reaxys

Epigen Biosciences' cofounder and COO Dr. Fabio Tucci chose Reaxys because it saves time and helps avoid unnecessary optimization steps.

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NCK Reaxys

According to Dr. Anders Lohse, NCK, Reaxys quickly delivers for their work on planning and optimizing reaction conditions, and synthesis routes for pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Merachem Reaxys

Dr. Tommi Meulemans of Merachem explains how using Reaxys helped find the right method for a compound his team was working on.

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Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Reaxys

According to Dr. Takahashi Nakai of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Reaxys provides unique services, including extracted property and reaction data, and links to eMolecules.

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Chemical R&D


Dr. Peter Witte of BASF Reaxys

Dr. Peter Witte of BASF reveals how Reaxys helps in the discovery and development of his team's work on catalysts.

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Chemical Information Services

Ernie Cote, CEO of Chemical Information Services - Reaxys

CEO of Chemical Information Services Ernie Cote explains how his research team convinced him to subscribe to Reaxys as their source of synthesis and property data.

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Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head
  of IP & Scientific Database Operations
  at Hikal - Reaxys

According to Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head of IP & Scientific Database Operations at Hikal, Reaxys is one of the best solutions for patent classification searches.

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Dr. John Parks, Albemarle - Reaxys

Dr. John Parks, Albemarle, relies on Reaxys to deal with a broad range of requests for compound synthesis in less time than alternative options.

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Dr. Jan Haller of Novasep - Reaxys

Dr. Jan Haller of Novasep describes how Reaxys' rapid search workflows helped his team develop a winning synthesis route.

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Chemistry Education

Osaka University

Professor Keiji Hirose - Reaxys

Professor Keiji Hirose insists on having the best chemistry informatics tools for his students. Learn why he finds Reaxys so effective.

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WCS University

Professor Forest
  Robertson - Reaxys

According to Professor Forest Robertson, Reaxys improves his students' chemistry literacy and shows them smarter ways to do research.

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VU University Amsterdam

Dr. Maikel Wijtmans - Reaxys

Dr. Maikel Wijtmans relies on Reaxys so his students can develop skills with the reseach solutions they will need in their careers.

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University of Venice

Professor Fabrizio
Fabris - Reaxys

Reaxys is the chemistry research solution that meets Professor Fabrizio Fabris' needs both in the classroom and the lab.

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