Reaxys: The Shortest Path to Chemistry Data for Every Stage of Chemical Research and Development

With efficient access to relevant answers to chemistry questions, chemical companies can better drive development, predict success and prevent late-stage failure on the path to commercialization.

Reaxys’ powerful search options enable rapid access
to expertly curated chemical data, supporting every
stage of chemical research and development.
Only Reaxys directly retrieves actionable
inorganic, organometallic and organic
compound data, information about
chemical reactions and synthesis
routes, and more.

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Alpha Moments in the Chemical Industry – A Coating Polymer For Extreme Conditions

Discover how an adhesive company relied on Reaxys to sift through the clutter and pinpoint a high performance, low cost monomer to enable their polymer coating’s commercial viability.

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EHS Integration Drives Success

What Our Customers Say

The following customer interviews highlight how Reaxys offers a distinct advantage in the highly competitive chemicals industry.

I find Reaxys useful because we can look at chemical reactions and then find the catalysts that are most suitable for that reaction. Heterogeneous catalysts can't be described by a simple chemical formula. The possibility to search by reaction and find catalysts is a great advantage.

Dr. Peter Witte, Research Chemist at BASF, discusses why his team finds so useful for retrieving chemical data for their research and development process.

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Chemical Research and Development – Dr. Peter Witte


We use Reaxys to look at individual chemical compounds in detail – it extracts chemical identifiers, chemical properties and structures, so when our researchers search for a compound, they immediately find it without having to read full journal articles.

Ernie Cote, CEO of Chemical Information Services, wants to ensure that his company's clients always have accurate and up-to-date chemical supplier information. Reaxys is a critical part of his research team's work.

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Chemical Research and Development – Ernie Cote


Good, broad coverage is exactly what is needed for our business, as we cover so many different project types. But you need to have the detail behind it. The usability, accessibility and depth of information in Reaxys are all very, very high.

Dr. John Parks director of R&D Fine Chemistry at Albemarle Corporation, states that his team relies on Reaxys to find optimized synthetic routes and avoid 'dead-end' work with inefficient pathways and high-cost reactants.

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Chemical Research and Development - Albemarle

Supported by the information we obtained from Reaxys, my team and I were able to propose a synthesis route that was interesting and innovative, starting from inexpensive raw materials and avoiding transition metal catalysis.

Dr. Jan Haller, a project manager in the Chemical Development Group at Novasep, discusses how his team used Reaxys data to convince a potential client of the strong likelihood of a successful and cost-effective outcome to their proposed synthesis route.

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Chemical Research and Development - Novasep

Reaxys Fact Sheet

Reaxys provides powerful search options to give researchers total control of their search, ensuring only the most relevant answers to their chemistry questions.

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