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Ask Reaxys is a very fast and effective way to find citations on a particular topic or by a particular author. Here are a few examples.

If you search for “publications by Corey”, you will get a list of citations where one of the authors has the family name Corey.

list of Citations

You could also narrow the list by searching for “publications by Wittig in 1961”. This would only return articles by authors with the family name Wittig with a 1961 publication date.

narrow the list

Other words like “articles” and “literature” can be used instead of “publications”. In addition to searches for literature by particular authors, you can search for literature on particular topics. For example, you could search for “publications about superconducting materials” or “publications about superconducting materials in 2012”.

literature search

Search 01  Search 02

While of course you can use the query forms for literature and authors, Ask Reaxys gives you another option to quickly search for citations in the Reaxys database.