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When you want to know what information Reaxys has on a particular compound, just type its name into the Ask Reaxys search field and click “Go”. You can use systematic names, trade names, linearized formulas, identifier numbers, or common names to find the compound.

In this example, you’re looking for information about Ritalin.

Chemical Substances – Ritalin

Reaxys automatically identifies it as a compound name, so it retrieves data pertaining to that compound, including structure or compound identifiers, physical data, spectra and bioactivity. You can choose to look at the compounds in a Table View (default option), or click Show Details to see more data.

Chemical Substances – Table view

Table View  Show Details

You can also easily switch to the Reactions view to see synthesis options or the Citations view to see a list of literature about that compound. You can also choose the Substances (Grid) view to get a different view of the records retrieved.

Chemical Substances – Reactions

Reactions  Citations  Substances

Ask Reaxys opens up a wealth of information about compounds and their properties.

You just have to enter the name and let Reaxys do the rest.