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Chemical Reactions - Reaxys, Elsevier

Reaxys has indexed thousands of reactions (such as 1,2-migration, ipso-nitration, transamination and homologation), including named reactions (such as the Mitsunobu reaction or Barton McCombie deoxygenations). You can easily find them using Ask Reaxys.

For example, if you want to find the Mitsunobu Reaction, just type its name into Ask Reaxys and click “Go”.

Chemical Reactions – Mitsunobu Reaction

This takes you directly to the Reactions view for the Mitsunobu Reaction. This shows you all of the details of the reaction and lets you expand on items to get more data. You can even go directly to the full text that the information was extracted from.

Chemical Reactions – Reaction details

Note that if you only enter “Mitsunobu” into the Ask Reaxys field, you’ll see the Ask Reaxys Analysis. Choosing the Reactions option will give you the same results as if you had entered “Mitsunobu Reaction”.

Chemical Reactions – Ask Reaxys Analysis

Because Reaxys has a true reaction database, you can easily go from the name or type of reaction to detailed information about synthetic organic, inorganic and organometallic chemistry.