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Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry have a wealth of bioactivity data. When you need to find out the bioactivity of a compound and delve deeper into the relationship between a compound and its target(s), just use Ask Reaxys.

Let’s say you need to find information on the bioactivity of anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitors. Type “anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitors” into the search field.

Bioactivity – Search field

Ask Reaxys recognizes your keywords and returns the full list of citations related to these compounds.

Bioactivity – list of citations

You can easily go deeper by clicking on Heatmap View (if you also subscribe to Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry). This will let you see the matrix of compounds and targets. Clicking Targets lets you see the details of the targets and filter by species, cell line, pX values, effects and more.

Bioactivity – heatmap view

Heatmap View  Targets

If you’re interested in bioactivity data, the combined power of Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry gives you access to more data than any other research solution and the tools to narrow your focus to the most relevant answers.