What is Ask Reaxys?

Query the Reaxys database using everyday language, without command-line syntax. Just use Ask Reaxys.

Ask Reaxys is a unique, single-click search option. While its design may resemble traditional internet search engines, it is far more than a simple text search. When you Ask Reaxys, you get targeted chemistry answers and direct access to relevant data.

All you need to do is type in your search keywords in normal language. No command-line search syntax or special formatting is needed. Ask Reaxys will take you straight to the results. Then you can use different views, filters, and analysis tools to zoom in to the most crucial information.

What if More Than One Type of Search Fits Your Keywords?

Ask Reaxys - Analysis

If more than one type of search fits your keywords, the Ask Reaxys Analysis view presents the options so you can easily choose the search of greatest interest to you. For example, if you search for Barton McCombie, the Analysis presents three options: a citations search based on that keyword; a reactions search for Barton McCombie deoxygenations, syntheses and reactions; or a bibliographic search for the family names Barton or McCombie.

Want to Know Everything About a Chemical or Concept? Ask Reaxys!

Discover all of the different queries you can make about a chemical compound with our innovative single-click search option. Choose from the options below to see how the search type works and how much information you can find.